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Almost Valentine’s Day: This is how I surprised my team…

Yara: When I set up my first blog as a teenager, I was fresh out of high school and had zero HTML knowledge. What I did have was tons of Olsen Twin photos to share – it all worked out. At that time, I never expected that this would ever become a business. Nor did I expect to have such an amazing, talented team around me. At Chapter Friday HQ, we truly lift each other up and I only ever want to work with people like that.

As I told you in my ‘goals for 2017’ post, I’m currently going into the busiest time ever in my professional life. A talented, bright and solid team means a lot right now. Alice and Emma (and our other amazing freelancers) take valuable work out of my hands, which allows me to think further ahead and take on more tasks.

Yessss… make today extra sparkly!
So today, Swarovski and I paired up to surprise Emma (our photographer) and Alice (our writer) with a Valentines Day gift as a sparkly thank you gesture. (They helped me pick out my necklace, so I knew exactly what they liked, ha!).

In the spirit of Valentine’s, I decided to share some of the little life lessons I’ve learned from them. Because the lessons we learn through the people we meet are some of the greatest gifts, right?

Little life lessons these girls have taught me, that I’m grateful for
– It’s not as sexy as just wingin’ it, but we all thrive when there is structure. Structure in our days, structure in our tasks and structure in the way we communicate.
– Don’t make big decisions when you’re tired, sleep on it.

– How to make overnight oats. I literally made my first batch last night and I’m SO proud. Learning a new skill is badass.

– No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up.

– As long as we’re all making jokes, we’ll be fine.

– Delegate tasks as much as possible. We’ve got your back.

Emma & Alice on the team
Alice: “What’s great about the Chapter Friday-team? What’s not great about the CF-team. We’re driven, overwhelm one another with never-ending enthusiasm and we truly accept each other for who we are, where we come from and what we want to be.”

Emma: “What I love about the team is that we all have are own qualities, our unique talents. We learn from each other and we’ve created a work situation in which we don’t begrudge the other for finding success and jealousy is something we don’t know.”



It’s not all about presents
Obviously, generosity isn’t just about giving someone a present (although I loved surprising Alice and Emma with a piece of delicate jewellery that they might enjoy for years). Ask someone if you can help them with a favour today, make dinner for your best friend or call your parents for a good talk. It’s really just about connecting and showing up with your time and attention.

I hope this little look book and our words inspire you to join us in the act of giving. Valentines Day is a great reminder to spread a little love!

We are wearing…
Yara: Zara blouse, Levi’s jeans, moon necklace, sparkly bracelet
Emma: Scotch & Soda pants, sparkly bracelet
Alice: Oliver Bonas jumpsuit, sparkly circle necklace

This little look book was created together with Swarovski. All stories, tastes and opinions are our own! 

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