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Some perfectly simple ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Don’t know what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Look no further! With a little help from our friends on Pinterest, here are many creative ways to tell your boo I love you.

You don’t actually have to give your spouse a present during Valentine’s to make the big day a success. Just a tiny, but loving gesture will do the trick (no cheesy chocolates and roses involved). And if you do really really really want to give your beloved a present: keep it simple, keep it real. I would prefer a one big beautiful Monstera leaf (because it’s my fave) over roses. Or a tiny red velvet cupcake over expensive chocolates. Know what your significant other likes the most and anticipate in a loving way.

And whether you’re spending February 14 with your loved one, your friends or on your own: we would like to share some cute (and Instagram-worthy ways) ideas to make it an unforgettable one. Have fun!

For your beloved one
Wake up earlier and have breakfast in bed together like it’s Sunday. Correct, it’s Tuesday. This means you will hate the alarm clock big time. But that smile on your spouse’s face will definitely make you forget.

Or: leave a sweet note. Whether it’s on your letter board (for cheeky inspiration, check the image below), or just on a piece of paper. Do you remember the last time you did something like this?

Or: If you do go out for dinner (hello there, cliche!), try and make a little bit more effort than you would normally do and go all chic. Hello there, fabulous!

Photo: Pinterest (via: Homepolish)

For your friends
No lover? No worries. Rather than curl up and cry over your loneliness, tell your friends (who might be in the same situation) you love ’em to pieces. How? By surprising them with a card, a pack of cute donuts (check the image below), or inviting them over for a very special loved infused dinner.

Or: let the Netflix binge begin! Popcorn, anyone?

Photo: Pinterest (via: Sarah Hearts) &  eighteen25

For yourself
Treat yourself to a wonderful TGIF (Thank god I’m fabulous) evening. Whether it’s Ryan Gosling of Johnny Depp: spend the marathon night with your favorite celeb on Netflix. Next up: order your fave food and wear your favorite PJ’s.

Or: pampering is a beautiful thing; it leaves you relaxed and looking your best. Dedicate your Valentine’s to yourself and create a home spa experience. Just put on a special playlist, lightly scented candles, try on a face mask… (we’ve got a brilliant recipe for you right here) You’ll feel amazing. On a Tuesday!

PS. We’ve found these inspirational images on Pinterest. If you took any of these photos, please also let us know so we can credit you.  

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