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Snackchat: Where to get the best fries in Amsterdam

The unwritten law? Fries should always become before guys. Oh, and yes: we’re talking actual fries here. You know big lumpy salty ones straight out of the fryer and perfectly crisp. A classic crowd-pleaser and one of our favorite snacks in the world. Where to get ’em? We know our fries: these are definitely the best places in Amsterdam.

Probably known as one of the best places in Amsterdam. The Frietsteeg is located on a small street, very near het Spui. They sell delicious hand-cut crispy chips that come in large portions. The best: Frietsteeg has as many as 21 (!) different kind of sauces.
Heisteeg 3

SchatjePatatje is the Dutch equivalent of sweetie pie and yessss. This place sure is sweet. It’s not your usual chips shop: SchatjePatatje sells delicious sweet potato fries only, served with salads, Brussel sprouts 0r ‘bieterballen’ (the famous Dutch snack with a twist: fried beetroot balls with cheese).
Ferdinand Bolstraat 48

Make sure to try the fancy fries by Sammy & Pebbles! After finding the best possible bio potato, these girls have been busy ever since. Make sure to try the specials: they serve fresh fries with caviar (!) and great croquettes too.
Johannes Verhulststraat 107

Friteshuis Vleminckx
Well, a not so little unknown secret is Frites Vleminckx. For over 50 years, this iconic chips shop is located near the Kalverstraat, which makes it a perfect spot for hungry shoppers. The fries and mayonnaise are considered as one of the best in Amsterdam. There’s a big chance you have to queue for quite some in order to get your fries, but it definitely worth it.
Voetboogstraat 33

Frites uit Zuyd/Par Hasard
Frites uit Zuyd: not your ordinary chips shop. Expect high-quality chips and snacks served with a g&t or a glass of champagne on the side. Way too fancy? They also do takeaway. If the weather is good, the nearby Sarphatipark is a perfect place for a fries picknick.
Ceintuurbaan 113-115

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