Interior inspo 13 February 2017
Interior inspo: Blush Pink walls

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Pinterest / Cup of Jo

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As you would probably know, pink – of all shades – is a Chapter Friday favorite and we couldn’t be happier with the whole blush pink interior trend situation. It’s everywhere on Pinterest. Everywhere! And we hope this wall trend will stick around for a while.

We’ve seen many wall color trends come and go the last couple of years. Remember the days we all wanted a gray wall? Don’t forget the blue-green shade that took over many walls around the globe. It was okay, but it wasn’t the best. We think blush pink is the perfect comprise: it’s not too girly and sweet (boyfriends wouldn’t freak out) and it’s peachy enough to make it feel like a neutral.

We’ve seen them half painted style (you’ll find more half painted wall inspo right here), blush pink on roughly plastered walls and this sweet color definitely goes well with plants too – yes, plants on pink it is. It pairs well with bold complementary color a darker green and even blacks too.

What are your thoughts on the blush pink trend? Would it work in your grown-up bedroom / living room / kitchen / bathroom (okay, just about any room)?

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