Daily spark 4 February 2017
Inspo: the perfect subtle tattoos and earparties

Why not combine two of the greatest ways to decorate your body in one post? My ear piercing and tattoo obsession have taken on a quite ridiculous form the last couple of months as I have 12 piercings and 3 tattoos so far (you can read more about them here).

And I’m certainly not done yet.

I like my tattoos clean, tiny and personal while my earparty is slightly more daring: I like choosing different shapes and sizes and don’t mind a mixed-metal assortment as gold and silver don’t bite. Always in search for new inspiration (and caught up losing myself again on Pinterest), I would love to share some gems with you I found recently. We’re curious to hear: what are your thoughts on tattoos and piercings? Are you considering?

At Chapter Friday, we all love to think about our new piercings and possible tattoos. Emma’s so happy with her fist tattoo (a balloon dog, how cute!) and I’m researching possible options for the future. Will Alice join our tats & piercings team, too? Who knows!

PS. We’ve found these inspirational images on Pinterest. If you took any of these photos, please also let us know so we can credit you.  

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