At Home With 31 January 2017
The big fat Chapter Friday new office tour

This is something we’ve been raving for weeks. As you might have noticed, we moved into a brand new office next door about two months ago. This was a BIG THING. As this is the first time we really have our own sparkly kingdom.

The room itself needed a feminine touch and that is when we (pretty much style-obsessed girls) got excited (hello there, glitter!). We had the chance to create our own little living room with clean lines and fun details, making it a great place to work from. So, we made Pinterest board and started collecting items. Some we needed badly (a mirror, a table), some we absolutely didn’t (disco balls lights, anyone?).

We created special corners to relax and get work done. You’ve already had a sneak peek on Instagram, I’m so excited to show you around headquarters properly!

The cozy corner 
We keep all our important documents in this very locker. To make it look cozier, we used plants, posters, scented candles and inspirational books to pimp the place Chapter Friday-style. Do you see that cute little plant pot on the right? Emma gave it to me, it’s a present from Morocco. So sweet! Almost all of our plants come from one of our favorite shops in De Pijp: Indianaweg10. The poster is by one of my favorite illustrators: Milou Neelen.

The chill corner
Work hard, chill harder! I’ve been so sucked into the velvet train lately: I needed a velvet chair in my life to read magazines in. I spotted this showstopper on Made and fell instantly in love with it. It’s super comfy too! The fluffy rug is from the same online store.

Give me a sign
Another favorite is this fantastic neon sign from Buzzing like Neon. For me, it’s a daily reminder that one must work hard to succeed in life but must also have fun. That’s where the best ideas come from.

Styling area
As I’m in between photo shoots most of the time, a proper mirror was definitely high on the wish list. This messing one looks like it came straight out of the glossy pages of a magazine, doesn’t it? What I like the most, is that it’s a mirror and a clothing rack at the same time. The baskets are perfect for keeping your accessories all in one place.

Work work work
A big white table is definitely an office essential. It’s key to the perfect flat lay and has a clean and look. At this very table, I write my blog posts and because this office features large windows and great sight, it’s tempting to stare out of the window the whole day.

Funky accessories
To be honest, I do love the look of all things pink, but knowing it would get tired of it some day, I’ve chosen for a dash of pink in my accessories. One of my favorites is the pink Evian bottle crate. It’s huge on Instagram and people are paying a fortune to get hold of one of these babies. To be honest: Emma found it on the streets. We’re so lucky!

1: Office chair by Bureaustoel Discounter  2: Desk by  3: Velvet chair by 4: Pink letterboard by Etsy 5: Neon light by Zilverblauw 6: Moroccan rug by 7: Messing mirror by 8: Moroccan Berber basket by The Souks 9: Monstera plant by your local plant shop

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