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Outfit + big personal updates about 2017

Wow, these first two weeks of 2017 have passed in the blink of an eye, am I right? Honestly, I thought I’d start the new year all new and fresh and energized but the truth is: I just want to SLEEP.

Give me all the candles and vlogs and pillowwwws. Who’s feeling me?

Anyway, maybe I’m saving up some energy for what’s to come. We do have a full year ahead of us, after all. So I figured I’d open up to you about everything that’s keeping me busy and that’s already lined up for 2017. (I hate when bloggers say ‘so many exciting things coming up’ and then you never hear about it again, haha!)

Professionally in 2017

– My first long TV format! TV work is going to be a bigger part of my professional life this year. I’m starting a new season of Fashionchick (a daily outfit tip) in two weeks and we’ll be filming my first long format for Net5. It’s a make over format that will take me all over the country to visit women that could use a little boost – because they’re starting a new job, need the guts to follow their professional dream, just ended a relationship – you name it. We’ll surprise them with a brand new look and full wardrobe and I’m beyond excited to pamper these ladies!

– A book! Yasss, it’s cominggg! I’ve just started putting some thoughts on paper and I really want this to be a gift to you – something that will add some sparkle to your lives. I’ll make sure to reveal more when I can.

– Chapter Friday is still where my heart is, but not always what I can spend the most time working on. So I’m happy to have a wonderful team in place, and together we’ll bring you a ton of career content (and of course you love our What the team wears posts!)

– Youtube is something I started experimenting with in 2016 and I LOVE it so much. The most exciting part is that it’s a more personal way of interacting with you. And to me, it really feels like we are friends and I’m talking directly to you. Your feedback makes me so happy and I try to reply to as many comments as possible.

– Writing for others. As some of you might know I’ve worked as a features editor at ELLE for over 2 years and sometimes I miss writing within a provided context or about a given topic. I like the challenge and I love playing around with words. So I wrote a few features last year, like a chapter in ‘Dit boek gaat niet over mode’ by Harper’s Bazaar Editor-in-Chief Cécile Narinx. In 2017 I’ll also be writing guest columns for Zalando about personal style. In the first one, I’m sharing my tried and tested tips to discover your personal style. Fun!

Personally in 2017

Spending time with my loved ones is what makes me happy and what I want to invest more time in. I tend to shut off when I’m busy and just want to spend more time with the people I care about. Oh, and there’s a man in my life, ha! (this is us). It’s so, so much fun being part of a little club with someone sweet.

– Taking care of my body is something that I’ve been neglecting for months and I really shouldn’t be given my history with neck and arm pain. Oops. It’s just not in my nature to nurture my body – especially in times of stress – but obviously, it’s essential when you want to work hard. I’m finally getting my butt on a yoga mat this Sunday and it might be quite hilarious to do a vlogging experiment with one week of daily workouts…

– Spending more time offline when I can. I feel like it’s a new luxury and I want to kick my habit of constantly picking up my phone to scroll through insta stories I’ve already seen.

Self Portrait dress, Goosecraft jacket, Maje heels

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    This year sounds like it’ll be awesome! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you.

    xx, Pia

    Great goals Yara and I wish you all the best in 2017



    Ahhh amazing congrats dat je een boek gaat schrijven!! Nu al benieuwd!

    En klinkt als een nieuw topjaar, ik blijf iig al je adventures en vlogs volgen voor daily sparkle and happiness haha :)

    Hoe geweldig dat je een boek gaat schrijven!!! Al maanden hoop ik stiekem dat ook jij dit zou gaan doen, dit is dus echt super leuk nieuws!!!

    Lezen dat er een man in je leven gekomen is, waar je het heel leuk mee hebt, is echt fijn om te horen! Je verdient al het geluk Yara!

    Je bent een sterke vrouw, bent echt goed bezig!

    Dikke kus,
    Sofie van http://www.ampersandnation.com


    Wat een ontwikkelingen in 2017! Heel tof, geniet ervan!

    Wauw, die make-over tv serie klinkt echt als helemaal iets voor jou, en een boek!!! Kijk heel erg uit naar alles, je enthousiasme straalt altijd overal vanaf en daar word ik altijd zo blij en gemotiveerd van ^^

    <3 <3 <3

    I can’t wait for you to bring out a book! X

    Wat een heerlijke vooruitzichten allemaal Yara! Goed dat ‘meer offline zijn’ erbij staat, het klinkt alsof je offline zóveel leuke dingen gaande hebt dat je daar zeker meer mag blijven!

    Lief lief lief!

    I’m so excited for the book! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

    Yay! So looking forward to the book! How exciting!!

    xo, Sofia

    Love that dress!
    And omg a book is on the way?! SO exciting! I’ll be patiently waiting for it

    Enclothed Cognition


    Wat allemaal leuke vooruitzichten lieve Yara! Ben echt super benieuwd naar je boek. Als het eenmaal zover is, zal ik het zeker gaan aanschaffen. Want je brengt altijd zoveel positiviteit over met een brede lach :-). Ik hoop dat 2017 een fantastisch jaar voor je wordt. Blijf altijd (hoe moeilijk ook) goed om je zelf denken!

    Aaaah dit doet me zo veel goed, nu al blij!

    Sounds like fun! Hope your 2017 is amazing!


    Yaaay kan niet wachten op het boek!
    Veel gelukkig met je relatie Yara!

    Lieeeef, dankjewel!

    such a great article. you gooo girl!
    xx finja | http://www.effcaa.com

    I share many of your goals! Looking forward to your 2017 posts! :)

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Aaahh yay, glad to hear!

    Ohhh I really love your dress! It’s so pretty and looks so good with your heels. Great goals by the way, I’m really curious of your book! Malou x

    So happy to hear you guys are just as excited! And thank you honey!

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