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Mini expo: Cleo Goossens

It’s time for talent! Meet Cleo Goossens (1991) a photographer from Eindhoven. She’s been working fulltime as a photographer for the last couple of years and loves the fact that her work makes it possible to create your own world. Cleo: “I think ‘serene’ is something that keeps coming back into my pictures. I love to catch the moment of silence.”

You may introduce yourself! What are you currently working on?
Cleo: “My name is Cleo Goossens. I’m a 25-year-old photographer from Eindhoven. I love animals and I love to travel a lot. Currently, I’m very busy with some own projects and assignments. I’m also planning some travels for 2017. It gives me so much inspiration and energy.”

Were you also a passionate photographer as a kid?
Cleo: “Yes absolutely! Because I’m bad with words I always felt the need to express myself in visuals. When I was twelve years old I started to collect (analog) cameras. I never stopped taking pictures since that moment.”

How would you describe your work yourself?
Cleo: “I think ‘serene’ is something that keeps coming back into my pictures. I love to catch the moment of silence. The main subjects of my photography are faces and places. I like to combine small details of a beautiful face and a never ending landscape.”

Who or what are you particularly inspired by?
Cleo: “I’m very much inspired by music, by traveling and by nostalgia. During one of my trips, I fell for the California Desert. It’s a place I think about often, and I would love to go back soon. It’s hard to explain what it is exactly, but in my opinion, it has something intangible that I want, no, I nééd to capture. For music, the same somewhat applies. I love to listen to old music, it inspires me and gives me a certain feeling and my own unique voice through photography.”

What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of so far?
Cleo: “Last year, I was featured with a series of photos for I-D magazine. It’s called ‘From Woensel With Love‘, starring model Jip Boxstart. That’s something I’m really proud of.”

Any big dreams for the future?
Cleo: “Traveling around the world with my camera. Photographing for amazing brands and artists. And owning a mid-century style desert house in California, of course!”

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