Lattes and laptopsPlaces 12 January 2017
Lattes & Laptops: Sticky Fingers


Add a bright colored wall to your coffee shop and you’ll be assured hundreds of bloggers and Instagrammers will check your place soon as it’s ultimate selfie heaven. You could say this theory has proven itself as my Instagram feed was flooded with photos of the brand new hotspot Sticky Fingers last week. So. Much. Pink! Time to check it out.

And yes, we have to admit: we couldn’t do anything than loving this place right away. It makes a perfect Lattes & Laptops in every way. Great coffee, mouth-watering treats (what New Year’s resolutions?) free wifi, loads of charging spots all over and nice tables that seem to be made to put your laptop on (would like to check out more great places? Make sure to check out our latest fave’s PARK and Kanarie Club).

Sticky Fingers is a part of the Conscious Hotel and is located just right at the end of the Overtoom in Amsterdam and is open daily from 7 to 6PM. Chef Dirk Mooren bakes all the cakes sold in Sticky Fingers himself and good to know: all cakes are eco-friendly (but not from sugar ;)).

Amstelveenseweg 3, Amsterdam

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    all these places that you find on lattes and laptops look so amazing. it’s times like these that make me wish that I lived in amsterdam and not across the world in sydney! so pretty x

    AH, this place looks so perfect. I feel like I would study or chat or blog here alllllllll day.

    xx, Pia

    Such a cute little coffee shop! If I ever end up near it I’ll have to stop by!

    Dit ziet er zo leuk uit!


    This place looks so adorable! Definitely would not mind paying it a visit.

    Rain & Tea Parties

    Zo veel roze, zo mooi! Perfecte plek :)


    O it looks lovely! I’ll definitely visit it when I’m in Amsterdam, ultimate selfiewall indeed! Malou x

    This coffee shop is splendid x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

    Such an amazing, amazing space! Love love love the pink!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Wauww Top! Zal zeker eens langsgaan bij mijn volgend bezoekje aan Amsterdam om een kopje te drinken ( en een hele hoop instagram foto’s te maken natuurlijk)

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