Interior inspoPeople 19 January 2017
Interior inspo: wall design and picture frames

Let images do the talking! Is 2017 the year you’re willing to spice up your walls with arty prints and daring frames? Say goodbye to your bare wall. We’ve got some great ideas for you.

Sure, creating a good looking gallery wall isn’t something that seems to come naturally for all of us. But is definitely something you can learn by finding out what you like (hello there, Pinterest my dear friend) and making it your own.

The works
Don’t be too concerned about matching: an art collection is something that grows and develops naturally over the years. It’s fun to display that journey on a wall. Go on, show the world what you like!

Your frame game
Choose your frames wisely. As you can see in the pictures above: by choosing the same frames, your wall tends to look flat. By using different frames in different colors, shapes, sizes and with different textures, your wall will come alive.

Hangin’ in there
There are a million strategies of hanging art. Always a good idea: picture ledges. They’re cheap (hello there, IKEA), simple to install and you can easily swap art in and out without any fuzz. Create your own beautiful mess by layering works or keep it simple by hanging your art in a symmetrical grid.

PS. We’ve found these inspirational images on Pinterest. If you took any of these beautiful photos, please also let us know so we can credit you.  

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