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Big 2017 closet cleanout tips! These are the clothes you no longer need…

When was the last time you knew exactly what was where in your closet? Or that you could properly close your closet doors? Somehow it takes hours to clean up a closet and minutes to turn it all into a mess again. However, I do firmly believe that a narrowed down, organized wardrobe is the key to feeling good about your style and a way to enjoy the process of getting dressed.

What are the clothes to (finally) get rid off, and why? Let me walk you through what I just did with my wardrobe – and I’m explaining it all in this video as well.

Just before you start: the best way of tackling your closet Chapter Friday-style, is by getting everything out first. By doing this, you can see exactly what you’re dealing with and you’ll be able to clean your closet from the inside as well. Give those shelves a good scrub!

Ready? These are the clothes you don’t need in your life anymore in 2017:

#1: Clothes that don’t fit
This seems obvious but I’m pretty sure we’re all hanging on to a few pieces in hopes of fitting in them again. (I know I do!). Our clothes are a truthful reminder of our body’s shape and size – and there is no way anyone of us is enjoying the feeling of clothes that are too tight. A garment that fits you well will make you look better and feel better.

#2: Clothes that are damaged beyond repair
We all have at least one item in our closet that’s badly damaged or stained and that we can’t get fixed. One tip: let it gooooo! It’s sad, but it’s gone. Enjoy the memories or replace it if necessary.

#3: Clothes with faded colors 
Washed out black shirts, grayish white t-shirts or tops with faded elbows; not very fancy. Pay attention to using the right tools and temperatures when you’re washing (hello Wikipedia). For now, clear out items that are washed out, because they make a bit of a sloppy impression.

#4:  Clothing you haven’t worn in a year
Have you worn something in the last 12 months? If the answer is NO, it’s time to part ways. An easy little trick: face all of your hangers away from you and hang each one the ‘right’ way after you’ve been wearing the item on it. After a year (when you’ve been through all season), see which hangers are still facing the wrong way. You’re clearly not going for these pieces. Another great way is the ribbon method: tie a ribbon to your closet rod and hang all of your clothes on one side. If you wear them, hang them on the other side. After a couple of months, check out what items haven’t been moved. Now toss those on your donation pile because they clearly aren’t you.

#5: Clothes that you still haven’t worn 
A classic. You’ve bought an item because it looked great on someone else / would be perfect for some imaginary occasion / would make you an entirely new person. Or you just don’t have anything that goes with it because it’s not really your style. If you’re not excited to wear something the next morning after you got it, you’ll probably never really get excited about it. Return it if you still can, or sell it online or gift it to a friend. If you’re not going to wear it today, you’re not going to wear it tomorrow.

Other clothes and accessories that won’t make you happy:
– Shoes that give you blisters. (Clothes shouldn’t hurt!)
– Belts that don’t fit
– Dresses or tops that are too tight. (Breathing is just too good to pass up).
– Clothes you equate it with bad memories
– Items you keep because they match a scenario in your head. (‘Yes, I’ll be wearing this particular boho maxi dress on the beach when I’m tanned and ehh..)

Keep in mind that you can always donate clothes to charity, or make a thrift shop/friend/colleague happy with a piece that’s in great condition but just not for you. We’re in no way promoters of over consumption and it feels great to give clothes a new life. Hope you enjoyed these tips to declutter and then thoughtfully build on your wardrobe in 2017!

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    Laura Hilbers

    I would love to read an article on your favourite YouTubers. About videos that are similar to Yara’s, so about fashion and about career and living a great life.
    I am always on the hunt for some new inspiring videomakers :)

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    Bijna geen kleding meer over, maar heerlijk! ;)

    In fact I was just planning a big cleaning session for my clothes! I’ve got so many shirts, skirts and dresses I do not wear (any more), and way too much clothes. Thanks so much for this article, it came at the right time! Malou x

    I need a closet cleanup honestly…thank for sharing this post :)
    A Girl’s Journal

    love it!!

    My closet is in DEEP need of a cleaning. I should really take these tips to mind!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Yesss this is the perfect time to do it! Let us know how it goes <3

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