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What the Chapter Friday team wears holiday edition: chill & party looks

Christmas, it’s the time for family, friends, food and… Fashion. As Christmas style ranges from comforting pajamas to sparkly fancy dresses to impress, why don’t do both this year? At Chapter Friday, we’re big fans of binging food (preferably on the couch) + watching Christmas movies during the holidays. It’s oh-so-cosy yet fulfilling.

But we also make it our mission to celebrate the holidays in style. We do love the glitter, the heels, the dressing up. And okay, we have to be honest with you: we rethink our chill outfits too. We’re true believers that you can look great as a couch potato. Wondering what we’ll be wearing this Christmas? We’ve got our outfits sorted.

Tell us about these looks? How could I not wear lurex?! I’m wearing new glitter pants from Zara (they feel like leggings) and a knit from Munthe to chill in, and a fancy Three Floor dress + velvet heels from Topshop for a fancy dinner. 

Glitter or velvet? Glitter! Shine bright baby.

What makes a great chill outfit? For the holidays it’s a formula of comfort + fun + class.  Like classic big knits and soft quality fabrics. And even when I dress for laid-back evenings at home or a pajama style Christmas brunch with my family, I still like to incorporate some fun style elements in my look. Chilling in glitter pants just makes me feel good and happy. 

Yara’s wearing: knit (Munthe), glitter pants (Zara), sneakers (Vans), dress (Three Floor Dress), velvet heels (Topshop)

Tell us about these looks? Let’s oversize! I could literally live in my oversized H&M Trend sweater. It’s huge. It’s comfy. It’s all I need this Christmas with my family. As my Dad is English, we celebrate Christmas like Brits: no fancy stuff, but great food (can’t wait for the turkey), drinks and board games. On boxing day, I’ll wear something somewhat fancier: a turtleneck black sweater + Spice Girls infused necklace + shiny skirt will do the trick. Bring it on!

What makes a great chill outfit? It needs to be comfortable without getting too lazy. I must be able to sit in a crossed leg position if I want to.

To lipstick or not to lipstick? Lipstick.

Alice’s wearing: sweater (H&M trend), jeans (Monki), Turtleneck (H&M), Skirt (H&M), shoes (Monki), necklace (blue billy).

Tell us about these looks? My Zara striped pants are perfect to chill in: I’m able to sit however I want, whether it’s a crossed legged position (fave!) or some other extremely comfortable position. I’m also a BIG fan of layering (glad I can do this with my dress too), I’m the one who’s always cold. 

What makes a great festive outfit? I’m obsessed with velvet and my new velvet red dress makes such a good festive outfit. I love the color, it’s not your everyday red. Also: I’m not the type of person who’s very comfortable with tight bodycon dresses, I would rather wear something flowier. My new pair of & Other Stories heels really suit this look.  

Heels or flats? Heels go very well with a festive look. On a normal day, I barely wear heels, because they’re not very practical as a photographer. But when I do go for a festive look, I go all the way and embrace heels like no other.

Emma’s wearing: sweater (Pull & Bear), pants (Zara), shoes (Zara), dress (& Other Stories), shoes (& Other Stories)

How do you put together a holiday outfit? I often use the following formula: holiday outfit = sparkles x lace x bell sleeves x (dots + stripes) : pink.
To glitter or not to glitter? Glitter! This is the time of year to get your sparkle on. ‘Overdressing’ doesn’t exist if you ask me.
Kelly’s wearing: Glitter pants and (H&M), hat (H&M), sneakers (Adidas), glasses (Ace & Tate), dress (Zara), heels (& Other Stories), earrings (Fashionology)

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    Wat een mooie foto’s! Leuk gedaan.

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    Superleuk :) Ik ben net een nieuwe blog gestart, heb jij misschien nog tips voor me?

    Nice outfits!

    Dat jurkje van Emma, zo leuk!! Met die sokken en schoentjes.. mijn favoriete look :)


    Ahhhw thank you so much! x

    Die glitterbroek en het glitterpakje zijn helemaal geweldig
    Alvast een fantastisch eindejaar ladies!

    Dankjewel Alex!! Jij ook :) En dank voor de lieve complimenten!


    That dress looks amazing on you Yara!


    Whiiii wat een heerlijke outfits! Ik ga inderdaad ook lekker voor glitter en shiny met kerst, best friends met de kerstboom.
    Fijne kerst & alvast veel geluk in 2017. XXX

    Dankjewel lieve Marlon! Jij ook! En dank voor je lieve woorden xxxx

    Emma’s sokken, love it! En Yara, you slayyy. <3

    Haha jaaa goed he! Die sokken zijn fantastisch!

    So many great looks, it is hard to decide. But my favorite is this breathtakingly beautiful black of yours Yara!
    Merry Christmas ♡ Kristina



    heeel leuk artikeltje dit. Favoriet is denk ik Alice haar party outfit, hier ga ik mijn outfitje op baseren voor een kerstborrel vanavond, liefs x

    Ahhh dankjewel Laura! En, heb je ‘m aangehad? Liefs! x

    I love all the chill looks. My fashion sense is more on the comfy side than the glitzy side. For me, comfort is the key to confidence :)

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Loving all the glitter!

    Yeheees to glitter!

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