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A roundup of our favorite stories of 2016

Bringing in a new year is not just a cause for champagne, dancing, and glitter confetti – but for reflecting on the past year too. That’s why we are sharing our favorite CHAPTER FRIDAY stories of the last twelve months. Stories of people that inspired us, who said yes to all life’s twist and turns. Like Jeroen and Hedwig, who sold all their belongings (including their apartment in Amsterdam) and bought a van to live in.

We included stories for multiple reasons. Because they made us happy (oh, the Paris trip) because we portrayed people who made each other happy (the besties of Portrait) and hopefully made you happy too. We hope you all these stories just as much fun as we do. Have a fantastic NYE and see you next year!

1. Yenkim and her boyfriend in Costa Rica
Yenkim Banh (27) is someone who’s in a middle of a very enviable adventure right now. She and her boyfriend Misha (34) leased some land in Costa Rica and are building a colorful tipi style hostel called ‘Hostel Alouatta‘ which opened this year. Yenkim told us all about her big plans. Read more

2. My first tattoo (and much more to come)
2016 was the year of my very first tattoo. And ehh. I’ve got three now! Haha! I love decorating my body in subtle, personal ways and it’s quite addicting, to tell you the truth. You can find the story on my first two tattoos right here.

3. Chapter Friday in Paris
Yara took the CF team on a field trip to the city of love and croissants: Paris. Wondering what we did? Check the vlog here. We also wrote all our favorite hotspots down, you’ll find them here.

4. 10 Productive things you could do in 15 minutes or less
After this article, many of us started putting these things into practice. There should be many more things you could do/finish in 15 minutes. Any ideas? We might make a new list in 2017! Read more

5. How to get fully prepared for a job interview
How to seal to deal and make this dream job yours? Remember: preparing your interview is key and it will make you feel more at ease. These are our eight top tips to help you get one step closer to nail an interview. Read more

6. In business with your bestie: Karen & Daisy
How do you run a business with your best friend? Karen: “We never expected it would be such a success.” Read more

7. Hedwig & Jeroen sold all their belonging and said YES to adventure
As this very moment, Hedwig and Jeroen are celebrating life in Portugal. This lovely couple sold all their belongings and swapped their house for a van. Hedwig: “All that we know is that when we started thinking of this adventure, it all felt inevitable. Not doing it wasn’t even an option. It felt so right.”

We’re definitely interviewing these two again in 2017 to catch up on their travels so far.

8. Yara on YouTube
This was the year I started off with my own YouTube channel and I LOVE IT. Fresh videos every Tuesday and Thursday. Subtitles included! :) Have you subscribed yet?

9. Manon, the Life traveller
Let’s finish this list with a truly inspiring story: the one of Manon. She inspired the whole team with her loving and inspirational words and her original outlook on life. Read more


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