Lattes and laptopsPlaces 7 December 2016
Lattes & Laptops: PARK

We’ve found a new happy place! It’s PARK, a chill out zone / working space / restaurant in Hotel Arena. Right in east of Amsterdam, with the Oosterpark at its feet.

Although we love cute little hotspots in the city center, PARK is a whole different story. It’s spacious, it’s slightly fancy and a bit more anonymous. Which makes it great for lattes & laptops.

Take a seat at one of the big tables or settle yourself in front of the big fireplace. Work and play, have a quick espresso and croissant or pancakes. Or enjoy French modern classics for dinner (did someone say grilled salmon and a glass of crispy white wine?). If this sounds way to fancy schmancy: don’t worry. They serve burgers and beers too.

Velvet chairs? Check. Good views? Check. Instagram worthy interior? Check. PARK seems like the perfect hideaway to eat, drink, work, sleep ánd even dance.


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