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Lattes & Laptops: Kanarie Club
kanarie club

Looking for a spot where you can work, brunch, chill, dine AND drink cocktails? Make sure to check out the latest addition to the Foodhallen (the former tram depot in Amsterdam-west): the Kanarie Club.

De Kanarie Club (kanarie is the Dutch word for canary) opens its doors daily at 8:30 for all early birds out there who fancy good coffee and even better breakfast (Eggs Benedict! Yoghurt! Croissants!). Stick for lunch and make sure to try the rib-eye sandwich or the croque Kanarie. The Kanarie Club sets the tone how a restaurant and working space can blend together just perfectly. It makes a great alternative flexible workplace as all facilities are taken care of. There are enough plugs to charge devices (check!), anyone can use the printer in the hallway, it’s possible to rent a boardroom when needed and they offer lockers too. Which is great when you need to go to the toilet, and want to keep your laptop safe.

OMG a pool bar
At dinner time, the club transforms into a sophisticated place to dine (three courses: 32 euro, four courses: 39 euro, five courses: 45 euro) and it’s party time on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays as the pool bar will open its doors for tropical cocktails. What, a pool bar? Yes, baby! A pool bar! The pool bar is a funny reference to the past. De Hallen used to be squatted and during those days, a group op squatters created their own ‘swimming pool’ as they collected rain water.

Designing magic
The design of the Kanarie Club is done by Studio Modijefsky, a team of Amsterdam-based interior architecture creatives turned this place into something magical. They’ve designed the interiors of popular bars and restaurants like Bar Botanique, Bar Basquiat, Viscafé De Gouden Hoek, Holy Smoke, The Roast Room, Biertuin, Smokin’ Barrels, Waterkant and much more.

Studio Modijefsky carefully created a design with strong references to the past and turned the huge space (700 square meters) into an inspiring spot with different, cozy zones. Oh, and there will be an interview on Chapter Friday soon with Esther Stam, who’s the studio’s founder. How did she and her team manage to turn so many places in Amsterdam into something special?

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