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Yay or Nay: 4 fall/winter trends we love right now

Oh, baby. It’s COLD outside! Time for a serious wardrobe update, don’t you think? We summed up our favorite trends for this fall & winter. Yay or nay? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments, we love to know what you think :)


It’s warm, it’s furry, it’s faux fur! Definitely a super stylish trend that’s hitting the streets right now. At Chapter Friday, we’re big fans of the funky versions with different patterns and colors. Such a showstopper. Oh, and no teddy’s were harmed making these coats.


As you might know, metallic is preparing for world domination. We saw a lot of metallic last spring, during the summer and this season seems to be dipped in metallic too.

Make sure to get your metallic plisse midi skirts or dresses out, they make a great fall look.

As you probably have noticed, the slip dress has made an iconic comeback this year. We know they go great with plain white tees, but as it’s getting colder, we start layering.

Things to try under your slip dress: a turtle neck sweater, a blouse for a more preppy look, an off-shoulder top or a funky big sweater will do too. However, we know it’s not an easy trend to pull off for everyone, especially for the bigger breasted girls out there.

It’s baaack! We saw the puffer dominating the runways in Paris and that’s such a good thing for all those cold fishes out there. It’s time to bundle up in style with a padded puffer jacket which seals the heat and keeps the cold out.

For those afraid to look like a Michelin man with a puffer: just scroll through the photos down here, you’ll see there are so many cool and bright coats around which look effortless chic too.



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    Love all faux fur coats, all are gorgeous!! Also glitter, makes me think about party and Christmas holidays! ;)
    By the way, love your hair too, nice cut!!

    Great post! I actually like all 4 trends! Especially the slip dress lagering is something I’d like to wear myself. And that xxl puffer coat actually even gets me excited about winter weather and that’s not an easy thing to do haha! Love the inspiration looks you chose, thanks!
    xo Chiara

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    I love glitter and I’m always really interested in how people wear it everyday, taking glitter and making it more casual is a real skill! It all of a sudden becomes something very wearable.

    It surely is! :)

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    All these ladies have stunner bags damnnnn




    gosh I LOVE that dress! the heels too! (are they comfy? they look so rad!!

    I don’t like the puffer coats but concerning all the others: yes yes yes <3

    Jil from


    to me all the(oversized) faux fur jackets look super hideous :x

    Haha, no worries. Glad your honest ;)

    I find faux fur amazing! Made a coat for myself last year and can’t wait to start wearing it again :) Glitter always! As for the XXL Puffer Coats, I’m afraid I would disappear in them ;)



    Kom maar door met 2de furrr.. Lekker vrolijk :-)

    Ja he! :)

    Ohh die allereerste jas met de okergele mouwen… die heb ik NODIG! <3 <3 <3

    Haha jaaaaa. Wij ook!!

    glitter and puffer coats are definitely my fave!


    Yeheees. Our faves too :)

    De winter trends zijn echt fantastisch dit jaar, ik kan niet wachten om te gaan shoppen en mij helemaal uit te leven met de glitters en faux fur :) Leuke post!! xx

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