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Snackchat: best breakfast pancakes in Amsterdam

Pancakes for president! Although the Dutch are famous for its (huge) pancakes, we prefer the fluffy American-style version for breakfast. Drenched in maple syrup with a handful of fresh berries, that is.

As we’re at Chapter Friday HQ are on a strict flat white/donuts/pancake diet, we thought it’s time for the ultimate pancake roundup in Amsterdam. Ready? Set. GO!

The Breakfast Club
We instantly fell in love with their buttermilk pancakes with fresh fruit since the first time we had a team breakfast at The Breakfast Club. Silky pancakes with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and banana. Always a winner. They serve a slightly more healthy version too: buckwheat pumpkin pancakes with pecan nuts, blueberries, crème fraise and blackberry sage jam.
Bellamystraat 2
Haarlemmerplein 31
Wibautstraat 56

Brekkie brainstorm with the @chapterfriday girls @emmapeijnenburg & @quatremontagnes ☕️ Best part about being my own boss? That I get to call the shots and decide when it’s time for pancakes 😋 (Answer: it’s always that time 🍓)

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Kanarie Club
This new restaurant in De Hallen serves pancakes all day long. YUM! It’s a perfect spot to work all day long, have some dinner (3 to 5 courses) and stay for cocktails at the pool bar. The pancakes come with clotted cream, home made jam, fresh fruit, mint, and maple syrup.
Bellamyplein 51

Bar James
This cool vegetarian restaurant (from the same owner as The Walter Woodbury bar) serves exquisite vegan (!) pancakes. Blueberries, banana and agave syrup on top. Yes, please!
Javastraat 49

Metropolitan / Cafe de Paris
One of Yara’s ultimate favorites. Okay, we have, to be honest with you: they serve crepes, not American style pancakes. But please, wake me up before you go go and get some of those salty caramel crepes.
Rokin 81/83 / Nes 96                

Pancakes for president and kisses for the coolest @nicole_huisman 👊🏻🌟🍳🍩💛

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Did someone say pancakes? Make sure to order some at MOOK, a pancake only place where they serve ’em all day long. With some hip-hop music and fresh pressed juices on the side, that is.
De Clercqstraat 34

Morgan & Mees
Another all time favorite. Paulie’s pancakes with banana, oatmeal, almond milk, berries and maple syrup are to die for (and make sure to try their french toast, too).
Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 2-6

This place in Oud-West serves brunch like no other. The menu is huuuuge and that banana pancake with Nutella drizzled is the bee’s knees.
Bosboom Toussaintstraat 60

Which American pancakes approved breakfast spot did you miss on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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Illustration by: Marie Bodie

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