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Let’s talk satisficers and maximizers

Ever heard of the paradox of choice? It’s a worldwide best seller of Barry Schwartz, who did a very interesting TEDtalk on this subject, which has been streamed by millions. Schwartz demonstrates that having too many things to choose from, leads to feeling bewildered and less satisfied even after taking a decision.

“I believe we make the most of our freedoms by learning to make good choices about the things that matter, while at the same time unburdening ourselves from too much concern about the things that don’t.” – Barry Schartz

Barry Schwartz is a Professor of Social Theory and Social Action at Swarthmore College and he claims there are two types of decision makers: the maximizers and the satisficers.

The Maximizer
If you seek and accept only the best, you are a maximizer. The Maximizer searches all options when given a choice. They’re seeking all possible information, in order to make the best possible choice. But how can anyone truly know that any given option is absolutely the best possible? This particular behavior generally consumes a lot of time and often leads to nagging doubts.

The Satisficer
Satisficers are those who settle for a choice that is ‘good enough’ for them. These people are generally happier with their choice and spend less time worrying about the possibility that there might be something better. Leaving them free to enjoy other things.

According to Schwartz, people should aim to satisficers, rather than maximizers. We would be better off seeking what was ‘good enough’ instead of seeking the best. He believes that the goal of maximizing is a source of great dissatisfaction, that it can make people miserable. We would better off if we lowered our high expectations about the results of decisions. We would be better off if we paid less attention to what others around us were doing.

So, ask yourself: are you a maximizer or a satisficer? And would you like to change it?

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    kelly abraham

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    Just had an ah-ha moment and realized I’m a Maximizer! Definitely interested in seeing how I can bring some satisficer decisions into my life!! <3

    I would say I have more maximiser in me than satisficer. It’s great to see so many who utilise what they receive!

    This is an interesting article. Thanks for sharing!
    Makes me think, you can be both, depending on the decision at hand. A career choice vs a lunch choice will probably make someone think a lot more strongly and longer if they had to make a long term decision but still interesting thought to think about.
    Happy New Year!

    Chris E

    Why would I want to be a satisficer? Do your due diligence and make the best decision based upon your research. Is it more difficult? … uh… yeah! But at least I know that I did my best, and If I end up making a wrong call I get to own it and not blame others!

    Definitely a maximizer, yikes!

    Very insightful, and also a bit confronting… i actually think that i’m a maximizer, at least it’s good that i’m aware now. Let’s try and become a satisficer Thanks for sharing!

    You’re more than welcome!

    I’ve known that I was a maximiser for a really long time. It stresses me out but it’s so hard to change!
    – Charmaine

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