Friday Question 18 November 2016
Friday Question: if you could wake up having gained one ability, what would it be?

YAAAY! It’s Friday and we’re up for a brand new Friday question. It was Yara, who (after doing the ’36 questions’ game on a date) suddenly popped the question: if you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be? A pretty hard one… So what would you answer? Let us know!

Yara: “I want it aaaalll! Maybe that’s an ability I’d benefit from; feeling more rested and at ease in the moment. I have a tendency to rush off to new adventures and to want bigger things. So, when it comes to work, I’m hardly ever really satisfied or I’m too critical. (Fun fact: in my personal life, on the other hand, the simplest things make me feel like everything is OK). ”

Alice: “The first thing that popped into my head was the ability to sing to sing well. I know I could have come up with a million different things that would make more sense. I know. And although I’m not as bad as you might think, I would love to move people with my songs. Like Laura Marling always does to me.”

Emma: “I think it would be super awesome to speak a bunch of languages fluently. Like Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese even Danish but maybe that isn’t really a quality… So I would go for the superpower of handiness!”

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    Really nice!

    I like what Emma said about languages! Being fluent in a lot of languages is not only a talent, but would also come in super handy for certain jobs and while travelling :D I’d also love to be able to wake up early on days off – I usually don’t get much done until later in the day, which is so annoying sometimes.

    I read this as superpower at first and thought of being able to read minds! Guess not then. I would love to wake up and be 100% comfortable and confident in my own skin.
    – Charmaine

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