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Letter from the Editor: It’s YES month!

Hi, dear Chapter Friday readers! It’s a bit late for a Letter from the Editor, but I still wanted to keep you in the loop on what we’re working on right now. This month, life has been both exciting and challenging to me personally. But no matter what I’m faced with, I try to say yes to it. To new people, to scary work situations, to a painful loss for someone close to me…

Allowing those things to be there and saying yes, it’s ok – even to the difficult ones, makes it easier to deal with them. I’ve found that it made me more creative and that it makes everything easier and more fun.

This month, me and my team are saying yes to all of life’s twists and turns. Yes to the need to take time to ourselves. Yes to being more active. Yes to being kinder. Yes to being more patient. Yes to the things you’re afraid to do but really want. Yes to every morning and yes to every night.

What will you see on Chapter Friday?
To get you inspired to do the same, we’ve created a bunch of articles that will come online starting tomorrow. There’s an interview with a lovely couple that quit their jobs, sold all of their belongings and will travel the world in a van for two years (starting THIS WEEK!). There are tips on how to say yes to peace of mind and switch off your work at night. There are fall trends we’re saying yay to, and so much more.

Living a positive life: a video
And if you want to make it visual, have a look at this video in which I’m telling you how I try to live a positive life. Cheers! Yara

PS. I’m wearing a jumpsuit by River Island 

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    I think that is so good! It’s good to say yes sometimes and get along with the advertures!
    Love this website :)

    Yes, definitely!

    […] Friday team are are saying yes to all of life’s twists and turns. We’re calling it Yes-month. We’re saying yes the need to take time to ourselves and Hedwig en Jeroen said yes to a big […]

    […] So. Why should you switch off your work mode when you’re involved in three different projects, you’re making good money, you’re passionate about your work and you can’t sit still? Well, because, in the long run, it can be detrimental to your social life and mental health. And because most of the work is less important than you really think. Let’s say YES to the need to take time to ourselves. […]

    […] it’s YES-month at Chapter Friday, the story of this lovely couple seems to blend in so perfectly. This month, we’re […]

    I am humbly grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a generally civil and knowledgeable community. Thank you


    Pretty jumpsuit!


    Thank yoooou!


    Zeer benieuwd naar de artikelen die zullen komen. Kom maar op met die positiviteit. Ja zeggen is soms heel eng, maar kan je zoveel moois brengen. Met deze gedachte in mijn achterhoofd, probeer ik ook steeds vaker in bepaalde situaties ja te zeggen ;-)

    Oh, yes! Zo goed. Laten we dat allemaal doen deze maand :)

    So cool! Im in!

    YES! x

    Mooi! Ik doe mee ;) Vooral ja zeggen tegen spannende werkdingen (zoals bijvoorbeeld deze week naar 2 netwerk evenementen in mijn uppie) en er gewoon voor gaan is voor mij een doel. Maar ook ja zeggen tegen even een moment helemaal niks doen en misschien daardoor juist wat minder hard presteren, but that’s ok! Benieuwd naar de artikelen die online gaan komen! XO

    Jaaa heel goed! Klinkt als topdoelen. En wat je daar zegt, heb je hélemaal gelijk in: we zouden soms allemaal iets meer ja moeten zeggen tegen rust :)

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