Lattes and laptopsPlaces 9 September 2016
Lattes & Laptops: Coffee Bru

As color makes life better, we fell in love with Coffee Bru, a bright coffee place in the east of Amsterdam. Have you ever seen yellow painted floors and walls like these that seem to work so well?

Coffee Bru is famous for its great coffee (from famous Bocca), especially the iced version, Emma’s personal favorite. It’s definitely a work-friendly space as well: creative types with their Macbooks are plugged in in the back at the long table (they offer good wifi!). Non-workers enjoy their coffee at the small tables in the front.

Whenever you’re done with working or want to take a break: make sure to check out the flourished Beukenplein. There are so many nice new shops, bars, and restaurants around. Like Bar Bukowski, Smokin’ Barrels, Rotisserie, Maxwell café, Het IJsboefje, Bidou and Erik’s delicatessen.


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