PeopleTrends: yay or nay 10 August 2016
Yay or Nay: Culottes

They’re not quite shorts, and certainly not your usual trousers as culottes are a little long for hot sweaty summers and too short for the winter.  These infinitely versatile pants have been sticking around for yet another season and that makes some people’s hearts very very happy (like Emma’s – she’s a HUGE fan).

Oh, Culottes: you hate them or you love them. These cropped pants are certainly not flattering on everyone and that makes it kind of a tricky trend. They tend to make your legs look short and finding the right fit can be quite a challenge.

But they’re definitely something special and look very chic, depending on how you style them. Heels, sneakers, boots, anyone? Did you know they’ve been around for a while? Fun fact: the original culottes were actually worn by men since the Middle Ages.

What are your thoughts on culottes? Yay, or nay?


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