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Friday Question: What’s something you dreamed of but never did?

‘The future depends on what you do today’. These wise words come from Mahatma Gandhi and they are so very true. As dreaming about the future is easy, chasing your dreams requires work. Did you dream of something, but never accomplished it? We certainly did. The good news is: we’re not that old yet and inspired by Gandhi, we might want to start today.

Yara: Oh boy… I’m a big dreamer so I wouldn’t even know where to start! Starting a family (hi chubby future kids) with someone awesome, creating a stationary product line, living abroad, getting fit and feeling energetic, visit Japan. And I just overcame my fear of heights by taking a hot air balloon trip. Crying and laughing at the same time but I DID IT. Mind over matter, people!

Alice: Whilst studying journalism, I figured out I would be that type of girl who will end up single until my mid-thirties. It sounds sad, but I wasn’t. I enjoyed my forever single life very much. I was able to invest a lot of time in friendships and traveling. I dreamt of going to South America and travel around for nine months exactly. Something like a pregnancy, but different (I’m aware this sounds pretty weird). I ended up meeting the love of my life who loves traveling as much as I do (and I’m not even thirty yet?!). I would still love to go to South America, but not alone. The nine-month plan isn’t realistic anymore as we both have busy jobs, I’m afraid.

Emma: To live in a city abroad I guess. All my friends are traveling around the world right now, which sounds completely awesome, but I think I would be happier to live in another (European) city for a while. Being in a new environment, and work from there (photographing city guides would be my biggest dream) It’s weird.. when I’m writing this it feels so simple and above all so possible. I realize now how quickly I found a good job after I finishing my study and I wanted to completely focus on that first, but what if I can bring my photography job? What’s stopping me?

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    I’m young (15) and have a whole life abroad. I’m dreaming of being a big fashion blogger, who sits front row at the biggest shows. It’s something I want to acomplish, but it ain’t that easy, I don’t even know what to study yet.. And I’m going to my last year (havo 5). And ofcourse I want to travel. A lot. Well, those are my kind of dreams.

    I always wanted to write columns for magazines when I was younger. Although I still do like writing and don’t do anything with it, I have to say that in hindsight this dream was probably a little too much Sex and the City-inspired.

    I’m young so my things that I dream of but never did I’m still hoping are going to happen! But I thought I would be a little farther along in the love department. I was in a long term relationship pretty young so thought I was going to be married at like twenty. Two years past that and I’m a single as I’ve ever been!

    It really happened in life .. but nothing is impossible the word impossible itself show i’m possible … the best way to overcome fear is to face them .. hope for best

    Years ago, I always thought I’d be a mum in my early twenties and travel the world with my family. Things have turned out quite differently! I’m still in university at 23, I try to travel as much as I can and even wish to live abroad again someday but I’m nowhere near starting a family at all.

    By the way, good for you for facing your fear of heights, Yara! I hope the balloon trip was at least as beautiful and enjoyable as you imagined it would be once you conquered that fear :)

    This post made me put my life into perspective, so thank you for that :p xx

    I always wanted to be an Actress but never had the confidence to try t pursue it professionally.


    I would love to travel around the world but I’m so in love with my job and so grateful I’m scared of giving it up. It’s my comfortzone and I know you need to get out of your comfortzone ;-). The thing I regret is not bungee jumping in South-Africa. Something in my body told me not too, but I really want too. So maybe some day. Good reason to visit beautiful SA. Super cool that you overcame your fear Yara. Thanks for sharing.

    The best way to overcome your fears is to face them! So very awesome that you went for that hot air balloon trip yara :)


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