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How to get fully prepared for a job interview

So, you’re almost there. You have been invited for a job interview. Well done! Your resume and motivation letter seemed to impress and now it’s time to shine (did anyone say diamond?).

Once you’ve been invited, what steps can you take to seal the deal and make this dream job yours? I know job interviews can be exciting, but daunting as well. Remember: preparing your interview is key and it will make you feel more at ease. These are our eight top tips to help you get one step closer to nail an interview.

1. Do your research
Make sure you are well informed about the company and de job description. You’ll make a good impression if you come up with interesting facts and anecdotes about the company itself. You know exactly where the company stands for and this comes forward naturally in the conversation like you’ve been working there for years.

2. Prepare for the standard questions
Actually, a job interview is a bit like a first date. It all starts with the predictable questions. Benefit from this knowledge and know exactly what you’re going to answer questions like:

– Why do you want this job?
– What are your strengths and your weaknesses?
– Where would you be in the next five years?
– What can you do for this company?
– What are you looking for in your next position?

3. Scheduling is key
If you can choose your own time slot or day for the interview, chose wisely. Whatever you do, try and avoid Mondays or Fridays. The employees will lose their focus easily: still being tired on Monday or gearing up for the weekend on Friday. For that same reason, don’t plan an interview early in the morning or at the end of the day. Something like 10.30 on a Tuesday is pretty perfect.

4. Think of great real life anecdotes
As soon as you think about the questions an employer will ask (see #2) try to prepare responses that feature specific real-life experiences. This will make you interviewer think: ‘Oh, wow, here’s someone who’s not only telling something but showing me something. She’s good.’ Although it might be hard to actually come up with good examples, it’s very, very important. It makes the conversation more lively, meaningful and memorable: the employer will remember you thanks to that great story.

5. Dress for success
Pick an outfit that’s suitable for this specific setting. It’s all in the details: make sure your hair and nails are well looked after, your shoes look great (and not worn-out) and you bring a great polished bag (not your favorite canvas tote). The way you take care of your appearance says a lot whether or not you pay keen attention to detail. And it’s your first impression.

6. Come up with a goooood question
A job interview isn’t only about giving the right answers, it’s also about asking the right questions. Asking questions is a great with to show your interest and you understand the company’s challenges. Please don’t ask what the salary is, instead: ask how long the employee is working here and what he/she likes most, for example. Keep it nice and simple.

 7. Check, check, double-check!
Make sure you smell good and check your breath and teeth. We all know that snacks can get stuck there, once in a while (I was recently talking to someone for five minutes with panini bits and pieces between my teeth – great). For a great first impression, you could use eyedrops and something to brighten your smile. As the new face, I would recommend the new range of Colgate Expert White products. It builds up whitening to reverse years of yellowing (score!). But it also gives an instant whitening boost.

8. The thank-you-for-your-time-email
Did you know a thank-you letter affects the decision-making process? Send an email that day (just a few hours later) and thank the interviewers for their time and tell them you were very happy to meet them. Show your enthusiasm for the position and keep it short and simple.

Want to hear me and Anna talk about job interviews and laugh at our own jokes? Check out this video: Business Meeting essentials with Anna! What’s your dream job? Let me know in the comments :)

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    This was very helpful, I hadn’t thought about picking a good time for an interview before! Thank you emails are a good reminder as well.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    These are such great tips, thank you! Job interviews are so nerve racking, I’m always looking for tips like these

    in few days i am going for job interview, your tips are good and explained well, specially asking a question.

    Thank you so much for the insight, I have multiple interviews to attend next week :p xx

    A Girl’s Journal

    Majorly stressed out Laura read this post, made sure she was prepared and got the job! This was super handy and helpful – thank you so much! (I totally would’ve forgotten to get rid of the chipped nailpolish I had been neglecting for weeks. During the job interview I got complimented on my neat looking nails. All thanks to you guys) ;) X

    also loving the colour of that marc jacobs laptop sleeve! (had to address it, haha)

    Really great advice! I think the other thing that is a MUST is letting your personality come through. Recruiters need to be confident that you will fit in well on the team, so you need to show a little of who you are as a person. That’s what I look for when interviewing someone.

    Really great tips! I never thought about not scheduling time on Mondays and Fridays. That’s a really great idea! I’m definitely using these on my next interviews.

    Such a great post – thanks for sharing!
    xx. Mirjam //

    Glad you liked it!

    Such good tips, as always :)

    Enclothed Cognition

    Thanks Keri!

    don’t forget to smile, and check that no lipstick on teeth!

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