Letter from the editorPersonalPersonal stories 5 June 2016
Letter from the Editor: June

Sun! Beach trips! Ripe mangos! Ahhh yes, summer season is here and it’s my favorite by far. Not in the very least because it’s my birthday month (I’ll turn 27 on Tuesday, to be exact – and I’m one of those people who LOVE birthdays). Whatever the reason, this month I’m just filled with excitement about new adventures.


In that spirit, celebrations are the main focus this month on Chapter Friday. Articles will be fun, bright and covered in glitter; or in a more concrete way that means I’ll record a birthday vlog, there’s a glitter pencil DIY coming, a fun diagram of how much to serve at a party (a bottle of champs for everyone?), a shopping with awesome happy-makers (hint: anything emoji inspired), my birthday outfit and much, much more.

Do tell me, what’s your fave part about summer? My mission for this week is to find a few moments to relax, spend time with my favorite people and spend as much time outside as I can before things get hectic soon. Cheers to that!

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