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Let’s talk about snacks with the Snackspert

1: Inflatable Drinks Holders by Big Mouth 2: Banana travel tag by Monki 3: Ice pop pool float by Big Mouth 4: Ice cream bag charm by Iphoria 5: Fixie pizza cutter by Doiy 6: Canvas espadrilles by Fab 7: All plushie stickers by Skinnydip 8: Hotdog socks by Monki 9: Ice cream fan by Sunny Life 10: Pizza garland by Doiy

Chapter Friday headquarters might be called the HQ of snacks. Because snacking is a way of life. Okay, okay. We can’t go for chips every other day but we all need some snacks in our lives, right? Eke (aka Snackspert) is a HUGE snack enthusiast and he reviews snacks on his Instagram-account. Time to ask this young lad with snacksperience some questions.

How did you become a Snackspert (and can we be a Snackspert too?)
Eke: “I think I was born with two frikandellen (a famous Dutch snack) in my hands. From a young age, I’m a big fan of snacks. At school I was always the first to buy a kaassoufflé or frikandel during lunch break. A few years ago, I was at a birthday party and someone said to me: ‘Eke, you have to review snacks because you’re the only person I know that is obsessed with snacks’. And so it began, I started an Instagram with the name Snackspert (thanks to a friend of mine for coming up with a name that same night). The rest is history.”

What are you ultimate snack hotspots in Amsterdam and other parts of the world?
Eke: “There are many great snack hotspots in Amsterdam. I would recommend Par Hasard for one of the best fries in the city. Burger-wise, the Biertuin is my favorite so far. But I’ve heard Ter Marsch is awesome too. In other parts in the world I would recommend Five Guys. It’s a burger joint in New York, Washington and London and it’s one of the best burgers ever! It contains way too much fat, calories but hey, for once a year that’s surely no problem. I love it.”

What’s on your snack bucket list?
Eke: “Not a specific snack, but I would love to travel through the United States and try burgers everywhere. However, I’m still waiting for the ultimate and perfect kaassoufflé.”

Do you find it hard to share your snacks?
Eke: “Not at all! It’s like spreading the love: if you’re happy about it, then you’re happy to share.”

How does this work, career wise?
Eke: “For now it’s just a hobby, however I spend a lot of time on my Instagram. Somewhat more career: I get asked by media for my opinion on the newest and weirdest snacks quite regularly. That really makes me kind of an expert, doesn’t it?”

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