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Panther pants + band tee = always a winner

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet with nothing to wear? It’s always good to have one outfit formula you’re sure of it works always. For me, panther pants plus a band tee is a absolute winner.

It’s just like cooking, actually. Everyone has some key-to-success recipes you will definitely never forget (except for me – I can’t cook). Your mom’s delicious pasta, your sisters salad. That simple soup for rainy days…

This outfit is my ehh. My wardrobe soup. I know how to cook it, every single day. Actually, I’m better in cooking clothes than cooking dinner I guess. What’s your favorite outfit?

Trousers: Zara. Tee: Rough Studios. Shoes: Adidas.


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    Nog steeds ZO balen dat ik destijds naast deze pantalon greep. Ik ben serieus al een jaar zoekende naar een fijne leopard pantalon. Hebben jullie dé gouden tip?


    Okay, so I never thought that I would wear LEOPARD pants but you look AMAZING in them. I was thinking about them all day when I saw this post on Friday. I couldn’t concentrate at my desk.

    Could I wear leopard pants? Why don’t I rock leopard pants? Why have I told myself that I CAN’T wear leopard pants?! what does that say about me and how I see myself?!?! your leopard pants gave me a lot to think about….

    then a few hours later the universe presented a solution in the form of these EXACT LEOPARD PANTS. Friday night, I took a train to Manchester to visit my parents and my mum had left a pair of the Zara pants (with tags) on my bed

    ‘I bought them a few seasons ago and cant pull them off’ she said, ‘but you can have them’

    It was totally fate. You showed me how to wear them and then the universe gave them to me – Next I’m going to see if the universe will give me your Mih jumpsuit.

    I LOVE how you always pull off a simple, but stylish look! ~

    LOVE this look Zara, clashing patterns and prints is always a winner!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

    This outfit is soooo cute!

    hele leuke outfit! Die shirtjes zijn altijd zo tof!

    Those pants are so fun!

    Edye |

    Zeker een winner!! Heel erg mooi deze look.

    Wardrobe soup…love that expression! For me an oversized white linen shirt on top of ANYTHING is my go-to outfit in the summer.

    Heel gave look! Vond trouwens je nieuwste filmpje ook erg leuk, leuk om te zien wat je allemaal doet in een werkweek :) X


    This is such a cool look – so rock and roll!

    té verliefd op deze outfit (DIE BROEK!!!), brb het internet afstruinen naar zo’n broek :)

    Dat shirtje is té leuk!

    Such a great look! x


    Rock n’roll and chic! You’re such a cutie!

    I absolutely love this outfit! You look gorgeous!

    Ella xx

    Gaaf! Ik weet niet of ik het aan zou durven, zo’n gewaagde broek. Maar hij staat jou wel heel erg tof!

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