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5 tips for perfecting your business emails

Let’s face it. We all screw up from time to time. Plenty of professionals still seem to not mastered sending business emails. Which is quite strange, isn’t it? We send and receive so many messages each day and tend to make silly mistakes we really don’t have to make.

By adding some changes to your business email etiquette you will look way more professional. Master your skills with this simple top-tips I use on a daily basis (and really – they work!).

1. The hamburger method
One of my favorites: start your email with a personal note and end your email with something nice and personal too. It’s worth the effort checking someone’s Instagram sometimes, as long as you’re not getting creepy. Like: “I saw on Instagram you were in Bali, awesome!” and not: “I saw on Instagram the other day you were wearing those pink flip-flops. Do you really have a shoe size 9?!?”

2. Sorry not sorry
Often apologise assuming people would appreciate it, but in most cases it doesn’t work like that. You don’t have to overdo your sorry’s because your email is delayed. By doing this, you tend to make yourself look unnecessary smaller in comparison to the other person.

3. Words you could avoid
Please remember: there are some words you might want to avoid in your emails. Please avoid peppering your prose with too many ‘I’s’ and ‘me’s’. Also: be careful with the world ‘but’, it sounds pretty negative and maybe that’s not what you want.

4. Gmail’s 30 seconds
Classic: you forgot the attachment (trust me, we’ve all been there!). That’s why I love Gmail’s 30 seconds delay. This feature gives you the option to click ‘undo’ after sending an email with a delay time up to 30 seconds.

5. The perfect way to end an email
Writing the body of an email is pretty easy. It’s the signing off which is the hard part. For me, it works if I sum up the next steps first. By doing this, the other person knows exactly what he or she has to do or know. Choose the right words to end the email. Like kindest regards, best or looking forward for example.

Before you send your email, please check

1 Did you spell the name right?
For obvious reasons. 

2 Did you not forget your attachment?
Gmail’s 30 seconds delay to the rescue!

3. Tone of voice okay?
Something good to check and double check. You don’t want to be too casual or too pretentious.

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    Great tips! Thank you so much Yara!

    My favorite thing about gmail is that if you say “I’ve attached ___ below” and you don’t attach anything it will ask you if you did it on purpose. It’s a life saver!
    I also really need to work on not saying sorry so much in professional emails. That’s a really great tip.

    Great tips! I had no idea about the 30-second delay haha. I took a course on business communication last Autumn and it was SO helpful! To my mind, everyone who has to communicate via email on a regular basis would benefit from taking some sort of course on professional letter writing. The tips you’ll learn there last an entire career!


    These are all great tips!

    xo, Liz

    Thanks, Liz! x

    Great tips! I wish all servers had the “30 seconds” delay haha

    I know! it’s such a life saver x

    Awesome tips :)

    Enclothed Cognition

    Goeie tips!

    Dankjewel! :)

    Great tips, I actually had no idea about gmail 30 seconds delay, that’s a lifesaviour at times!

    Yeeees it is!


    These are all such great tips! I definitely think people need to be careful with their language, because some words seem so normal but definitely give a negative vibe – most of us have been on both ends of unintentional negativity!

    That’s right! We don’t need unintentional negativity :) let’s keep it nice and positive!

    great tips, thanks for sharing !


    thank you for your kind words, Francesca :)

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