4 May 2016
A Wonderful Beauty Ritual To Try (And Win!)

Ah, isn’t spring the best season of the year? Don’t you just love this season for letting nature flourish again? And for the new energy it gives you? What is it with spring that I always want new hair (and a new interior, and a spring fling, and new adventures)?

The Japanese have this wonderful tradition, Hanami Matsuri to be precise, to celebrate the fragile beauty of the Sakura blossom every spring. For them the blossoming flowers mark the awakening of nature. They’d visit flower-viewing parties where the elite would consume sake and snacks underneath blossoming Sakura trees. What a superb way to welcome spring, and to dwell a little bit on the tremendous looks of Mother Nature. We should definitely do that more often!

Rituals thought so too, and decided to renew their applauded Ritual of Sakura products (bursting with soothing rice milk and delicate Sakura blossom – hence the name). Yes to experiencing this Japanese tradition by marvelous beauty products (that smell like heaven, too)! Yes to a life full of blossom! And YES to the fact that you can join the party in this photobooth and win a limited edition Sakura box (including a very nice kimono style bath robe). Ta-ta-ta-ta. We’d say: #letlifeblossom!

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