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Letter from the Editor: Chapter May

A new Letter from the Editor! Better late than never, huh? It’s May and one of the busiest months in my calendar, but when I’m not crossing off To-Do-lists or working on projects, I’m secretly dreaming of tropical escapes. (Or local getaways – there’s a staycation post coming tomorrow but here’s a new fave.)

Amsterdam has been sunny for the past few days and I have to say it totally changes my mood. Somehow the sun is showing me exactly what I need more of (chill time with friends, walks, dinners outside, riding my bike to work, a balcony make over) and less of (late work nights, heavy meals, pants).

This month om Chapter Friday is all about travel and adventure. Adventure in the broadest sense; it’s about going to new places but also about looking at the familiar with a fresh perspective. It’s about people who made a bold move and moved to another country, or people like Ginny who sort-of-by-accident started a unique and successful company from the safety of their own home.

I’m a big supporter of anyone taking (spontaneous or carefully calculated) risks, approaching life with a positive outlook and saying YES to new things. A summery cheers to that – my suggestion: fresh lemonade or a strawberry daiquiri.

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