Interior inspo 30 May 2016
Emma’s balcony make-over + shopping!

A couple of months ago, our fantastic in-house photographer Emma gave us a guided tour through her cute little studio in Amsterdam. With the weather getting better and better, she did some work on her way too cute balcony. Let’s have a look!

Emma’s been living in this studio in Amsterdam east since November and loved it ever since. She started to collect items for her balcony during spring and finished one bit so far.

Pink crates
The pink crates are Emma’s proud and joy. She found one crate in a garage in the center of Amsterdam and asked the owner if she could have it. Just a few weeks later, she cycled through the city and saw some of the exact pink crates at a pretty chic restaurant. Emma: “I wondered if I could ask the restaurant owner… While re-thinking over and over again, all the posh people inside must have seen me outside, in my bright red coat, haha. I decided to send the owner an email and he told me I could pick them up. I brought him some flowers to thank him.”

Fabric, fabric!
Emma bought some pretty fabric and sewed some custom made cushions with her mom (‘I’m not that good in sewing’) and a new slipcover for the chair, which is actually a camping chair, owned by her parents. “I was looking for a chair like this one, but they are soooo expensive.”

Not finished
The balcony isn’t finished yet. Emma: “there’s so much to do! I would love to make a big table on the other side of the balcony (which you can’t see in the photo, for obvious reasons). And I’m looking for a pretty side table. I hope to find one on my Parisian flea market trip this summer.”


1: Coco hanging basket by Intratuin 2: Retro sounds radio by Sunny Life 3: Brass balcony planter by Sissy Boy 4: Keep your eyes open, try and find your own 5: Canvas butterfly chair by Cobello 6: Little pompom pillow by H&M Home  7: Party lights by Intratuin  8: hanging plants. Find yours at your local garden center 9: Hammam towel by Sissy Boy 10: Whisky glasses by Pluk Amsterdam 11: Iron planter by Sissy Boy


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