EditorialLetter from the editor 5 April 2016
Letter from the Editor: Chapter April

Welcome to a new Letter from the Editor! As we’re stepping into Spring, I feel like this is the right time to prioritize. What makes you happy, what do you want to do more (or less) of, how do you want to spend your time, money and energy? (Tip: I’m reading the book called ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck‘ and it’s a great guide to answering these questions).

The focus is on spending more time with my devices switched off. Preferably alone (I’m going on a solo holiday again this month!) or with my absolute best girlfriends.

This  month, we’ll zoom in on our friendships in the Big Bestie Month. You’ll find another free downloadable list (remember our Goal Sheets?); a Beste Bucket List in this case. There will be best friend interviews, the videos of me and Kim will have English subtitles (yay!), I’ll write about my fave beauty products of the moment (beauty besties), and so, so much more.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s something special about that bestie bond. I love having super close friends that are basically my partners-in-crime and who understand me without words. (And ehm… when we do speak, we’re probably finishing each other’s sentences.)

Besties are amazing because, you know…
– You can just be yourself; relaxed, safe and honest. You don’t have to impress anyone.
– Your best friend will (at least try to) understand you and won’t judge you. Feeling a little lost in this world? A two-hour call with your bestie and everything makes sense again. Tada!
– Your bestie and you laugh about the same jokes. (Me and Kim have about three inside jokes that we just make over and over as you can see in this video, haha!).
– You always have someone to go on spontaneous adventures with.
– Your best friend carefully puts you back together when you’re hurt. And you’ll do the same for her! It’s a preeetty sweet deal.

On this blog, it often feels like I’m talking to my best friends when I’m writing things for you. It honestly feels like we’ve all known each other for years. I hope that feeling comes across in everything we do on Chapter Friday. Thanks for being our digital friends, we love you for it!

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    Super leuk deze “letter from the editor” & leuk thema weer, Yara!

    Dankjewel babe! <3

    My new favourite publication at the beginning of every month!!!

    Ahhwww that means a lot!

    My new favourite publication at the beginning of every month!


    I love the blouse you are wearing!! Would you mind sharing the brand / where you got it from? Thank you in advance!!

    Oh how sweet! Can’t wait to read all the besties stories here.


    Shade Alawe

    I know you posted a video one Youtube called Interhaters.
    Unfortunately, I don’t speak Dutch.
    I’ve been getting some real mean, nasty and racist comments for the past two weeks, because I made a comment on Instagram about Bridgette Bardot’s, xenophobic/ racist views.
    I’ve blocked that person, even reported her, but she’s still at it. We’ve exchanged some words and it has really gotten out of hand.
    I have contemplated deleting my replies ( it just a waste of energy and doesn’t look good); changing my handle and ignoring her completely. What would you do In my place?
    ps. I think Instagram should have comment approval.

    Hello, I know your comment wasn’t meant for me but you can already get subtitle to that video if you want to watch it. With regards to the comments you are receiving. Block and ignore. Easier said than done I know. ;)

    Shade Alawe

    Thanks :) I was able to watch the video, has some real helpful tips.
    Also for the advice.

    Block and ignore! And realize that these comments usually say more about that person than about you. Don’t let it get to you because you’re right to have an opinion and it’s OK if that’s not the same as someone else’s. I would always say ignore or deal with class and humor. At some point it’s good to stop giving it energy though, and if you don’t want that negativity around you I would indeed delete those comments :)
    Hope that helps! X! Y.

    Shade Alawe

    Thank you also for the advice :) (was really helpful and I deleted some of the comments, minus the one, where I obviously state my opinions about Bardot); the person is still at it, but I guess it’s a reflection of herself and how dissatisfied she’s with life.


    With regards to your video’s. Youtube has a setting button which means you can watch your video with subtitles in any language. I already do this. So you can get English subtitles already. x


    True! But about 80% of what it came up with was so inaccurate (really the weeeeirdest things, haha!) so I’m doing it by hand to give the best quality :)


    Can wait for the english subtitles on the videos… I have to admit, my Dutch is a little bit rough ! ;) So I haven’t been able to look at the videos yet.

    Yaaay so happy to hear you are excited too :)

    Oh I so want to read that book! Please give us the link where we can purchase it x


    happy april!! cant wait to see the articles you have in store for us :)

    x tiphaine

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