Lattes and laptopsPassion 10 April 2016
Lattes & Laptops: The Pool

Since the east of Amsterdam is Emma’s new territory (more on that buzzing neighbourhood here!) she knows where to go for amazing restaurants, for a healthy breakfast, marvelous coffee and too school for cool hangouts.

Latest discovery: The Pool, a restaurant (and bar) that unites the French, Italian, Spanish cuisine with the Levant, the Balkans and North Africa. They serve breakfast, dinner, cocktails, and pretty much anything in between.

First thing that came to Emma’s mind: Oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD, this place is amazing.

Second thing: I am so going to come back here without my laptop, and when that happens I am so going to drink cocktails.

On the whole:
> The WiFi works like a charm
> Another plus: plenty sockets!
> And another one: big tables
> Great ambiance, too, by the way
> Stunning and colorful interior
> Nice coffee
> Good prices

In other words: A+!

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    Yaaay! I work for TSH so it’s my go-to place for a morning latte. E-mail me for a promo code if you want to spend the night ;)

    Oeeehh great tip! ;) thanks dear.

    Love this!!! Ik ga vrijdag naar Amsterdam dus ga even mijn vriendinnen vertellen dat we hier langs gaan ;)

    Holy moly, it’s so pretty!

    fabulous ambiance.I like it.

    Ziet er heel leuk uit.

    Looks fantastic!!


    That place looks gorgeous, modern and cozy! wow!! :)

    We agree!

    This place seems awesome! Love how fun and colourful it looks.


    I stayed here when I went to Amsterdam last month, it was great! I was really surprised by the pool and how good value and tasty it is. Can recommend the pizza and chicken dish too!

    Oooh good to know! :)

    Het ziet er echt leuk uit! X

    Love the flamingo! Ik ga binnenkort stage lopen in Amsterdam, dus plekjes zoals deze zijn van harte welkom!

    Aah leuk! We hebben al talloze opties in Latte & Laptops staan ;) Succes met je stage!

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