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Work Smarter, Not Harder. And Here’s How!

We all wish that we could be more productive during our work day, surprisingly, being more productive sometimes means taking a step back and taking a big break. Here are our top 3 ways that you’ll be able to work smarter, be happier and tick off everything from your to-do list without having to multitask.

You’re likely to have heard this from everyone who’s ever worked behind a computer for at least 5 hours, staring at a screen makes us see double. It’s important to take a step back and swivel-chair away from your screen every 40 mins (that’s realistic, right?). Stand up, stretch and have a little walk, ask if anyone wants coffee or a snack as an excuse or even take a little walk outside in the sun (vitamin D!). You’re likely to be more alert, happier and make some extra friends along the way.

One hour before bed. One hour after waking up. AVOID SCREENS. Ok, yes it’s impossibly difficult to not check your Insta-feed before you doze off or the moment you wake up, but it’ll be so much easier to focus throughout the day if you don’t and avoiding screens between these hours will definitely help you sleep.

Ok, if you can actually accomplish this you are so organized that you can highfive yourself or at least give a pad on the back. By planning your next few days you’ll know how much time certain things will take and you’ll be able to easily prioritize your tasks.

(Inspired by Forbes)

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