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Letter from the Editor: Chapter March

It’s the month of Spring and we’re hitting ‘refresh’ at Chapter Friday. March is a typical month to sharpen your brain and focus on your (career) path.

Armed with Spring’s new energy, the focus in March is on careers, cash and creativity. Three concepts that, inevitably, go hand in hand – but that also cause friction. Creative people often have this love/hate relationship with money.

With that in mind, Chapter Friday gives you some help and insight in the money side of your creative business. How do you market your ideas without becoming a sell-out? How do you deal with rough clients? What are start-up costs for a creative (fashion) freelancer? Chapter Friday introduces a new series this month called Money Talk, that deals with exactly those questions.

Articles will feature women who run their own creative business with success, like Rachel Duister from Fashionology (one of Holland’s first fashion bloggers turned jewelry designer). You’ll read about how I made a business out of getting dressed in the morning and how I expect the blogger industry to evolve. What happens to influence as a currency when everyone with a smartphone calls themselves an influencer? I already look forward to discussing this with you.

There will be desk inspiration, a playlist of money songs and of course, you’ll also find a fun, fresh dose of fashion, with a work wardrobe angle.

Of course, your feedback and enthusiasm is our biggest drive, so if there are any career or money questions you would LOVE to see answered, shoot!

I look forward to a month of ass-kicking together and if all of that fails, no worries: remember that every day is longer and warmer than the one before. Summer is coming our way, so there’s always something to be cheerful about.

Enjoy this month!

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    So excited for this! I’m really interested in pursuing a creative career but have no idea where to start! I found your interview with the girls from the TITS shop so inspiring, I would love to set up a similar shop in England but would have no idea where to start. I also wanted to say I really love the editors letter, I like that you let us know the direction you’re taking for the next month x


    Cant wait!

    So excited for the new series!
    Kyah / http://www.weekendtempo.com


    Wat leuk geschreven! Geeft een instant boost. Ben benieuwd naar de artikelen :-)

    I’m so relieved its March (and not just because its my birthday month! Cheers to spring, I think we all needed it! Lets kick some ass indeed :) x

    I love this. Cannot wait ti follow

    Xx A // http://awayandtogether.com

    Hi!! Great post!I look forward to reading the new series called Money Talk. I have always wondered about jobs related to blogging that go beyond being a blogger, i.e. content editor, administrative assistant, etc. I would love to read about this side of the business too.

    xoxo from Brazil

    Really curious for everything to come here at Chapter Friday. My blog is turning dead.. no inspiration anymore :(


    Bernadett Takacs

    It is going to be a very inspiring month, thank you! :) Love reading your articles!

    Sounds like a good month planned, can’t wait to read more! x


    Leuk! Ik ben erg benieuwd en heb veel zin om te zien hoe we kunnen zorgen dat geld gewoon iets is waar we het (op een positieve en leuke manier) over kunnen hebben.

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