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How to kick ass as a first-time manager

First-time manager, huh? You are now responsible for other people, too. For their career progress, their learning, and their success – no pressure. Before we continue, just remember: there’s always (but really: always) the option of departing and moving to an island without, well, manager-ish issues and so: stress. But, you’ll of course never get to that point, because you’ve just clicked on a splendid article that will bring you nothing but victory (to a certain extent, that is).

Let’s give you a few grips where you can hold onto when the ride gets bumpy.

If you find yourself not having any experience at all, and if you’re not the owner of an ass-kicking-manager degree in some sort, it might help to just think about the managers you once worked for. What did you like and what didn’t you like about them? It is a matter of common sense really. (Us, too! We didn’t like the unreasonable ones – thus, you don’t want to become unreasonable, because you’ll hate yourself.)

You do want to become a good manager, we figured. Just follow these steps:

Be, or become, a team player
Think about what you can do for your team, not what the team can do for you – that is, if all is well, the beneficial result of the first part of this sentence. Not a team player? Go wash your face and read this article.

Set expectations
Set (reasonable) goals and expectations that can me measured. Make sure you’ll give each person of your team specific tasks for the sake of the goals you’ve set – it’ll boost the teamwork. Don’t forget to motivate them, too.

Give (proper) feedback
Yes, please do give compliments and praise people for their good work. But also give negative feedback when needed. People can’t improve or grow if you’re not being honest.

Communication, communication, communication!
Make sure you’ll have tête-à-têtes with your team members every (other) week. Discuss progress, projects, deadlines and let them share things if they’d like to. Listen. And care.

Learn (how) to delegate and empower
Managing people means you have to give them something you can actually manage. Don’t try to do the work all by yourselfie, that just isn’t achievable, plus it implies you don’t trust the quality of work of your staff. Your job is to manage, coach and help people do the best work possible, as manager Elana Lyn Gross also stated here.

Lead by example
So no more being too late all the time, lady.

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    thank you for the advice. sometimes you have to realize that what you are doing or working towards is bigger than yourself. great read.

    Amen to that Morgan! Great comment, thanks!

    Great advice! I recently got promoted to an Assistant Manager position and I found this post super helpful! Thank you! Xx

    Amy |

    Hi Amy, well, thank you! And YES to your new position! Exciting!


    love all these tips! i def feel being a team player is key! happy thursday friend!

    It is, isn’t it! Happy Wednesday!

    Great tips :) xx

    Thanks Sofie! :]

    I have recently become a manager, and it’s such a shock having to manage other people and the way they work! Definitely a huge learning curve for me- thanks for the tips!
    Emily xx
    Emily May Designs

    Hi Emily, you’re, of course, absolutely welcome! Congrats with your new position – don’t forget to enjoy it!


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