Interior inspo 20 March 2016
After Seeing These Dark Floors You Want One, Too

When it comes to The Home we are somehow always opting for light, lighter, lightest. Particularly concerning walls and floors. A pity, really, because a dark floor (or wall) can spice up a room in no time – and looks incredibly sophisticated at the same time. To add fuel to the dark floor fire, we’ve collected some evidence below. O joy!

(For those who are already the owner of a shiny dark floor: let us know how you like and did it!)


Photos via: Pinterest, Maison Rika, Elle Decoration & Milk Magazine

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    LOOOOVING these dark floors, especially the all white furniture look and the room with the teepee. Never think of painting floors.


    I love the table in the 5th picture! Any idea where it’s from?

    I have black floors! When we renovated our house several years ago, all the carpet was pulled up, we bought pine shelving and put it down then with behr porch and floor paint we painted them. Our ceilings are not high and from experience I know that dark dark floors will make the ceilings seem higher, black adds drama and sophistication as you said and the floors, 4 years later are getting that fantastic worn look in all the right places! Another tip we used that also added sophistication was shiny black doors! Love your blog!

    Yes I would love to have a dark floor. Having a brown dark floor at the moment, but would prefer dark grey or even black!


    I’d much rather want white floors but I can totally see why people would love this. Such a cool vibe.

    Love these shots!


    Ik vind dit er zo gaaf uit zien!

    Jaaa het is zo mooi! Wij zijn ook van plan een donkerbruine vloer te nemen in ons nieuwe huisje. Op de slaapkamer is donker grijs wel een idee! Lekker knus :)

    It does actually look really cool and different. Thanks for sharing x

    pure love!


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