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At Home With: Rachel Duister of Fashionology

You’ve probably heard of (or you’re probably wearing) jewelry brand Fashionology. But have you already heard of the mastermind behind it, Rachel Duister? Did you, for example, know that Rachel started out at age 24 (!), because she always had difficulties finding jewelry that suited her style? That she is Rotterdam based and self-taught? That she derives inspiration from nature and different cultures – which results into eclectic, ever-changing handmade jewelry with a clean, simple vibe and a dark twist from time to time? And that she’s pretty successful in doing what she loves?

Enfin, it was about time to knock on her door! So we did. Whilst showing us her house, she answered some questions. Ready?

What is your idea of a perfect Friday evening?
“To me Friday already feels like weekend. On Friday I go easier on myself – before the weekend starts I’d love to already destress a bit, considering the fact that, on average, I work up to fifty hours a week. No, that’s not something I’m particularly proud of, I just love to work, a lot. But I do know when to take some time off, I do see the importance and I do need it. So, I can perfectly enjoy am evening on the couch, with nothing but Netflix and a cocktail.”

Which living person do you most admire?
“I think of Stella McCartney as a super inspiring woman. The way she incorporated her vegan vision into her company is, to me, fantastic. And the clothes she designs are truly amazing (also for kids by the way). O, and let’s not forget Claire Underwood from House of Cards!”

Which historical figure do you most identify with?
“I’ve always been fascinated by Manet (the painter) and Marvin Gaye. They had a completely different view on life and weren’t afraid to show that through their work.”

What makes you forget to eat and pee?
“Well, life, basically! If I’m working on something that I’m passionate about, I tend to forget everything else.”

What book do you read at the moment (any good?) and what book is on your bucket list?
“I’m currently reading Le Petit Prince to my daughter Mia, a beautiful pop-up book with inspiring words.”

What do you consider the most useful app ever invented? (Apart from WhatsApp, that is.)
“Parkmobile – no more parking fines!”

What music do you play when working?
“Lots of Lana Del Rey, but also: Killers, Brandon Flowers, First Aid Kid and Kings of Leon.”

When and where were you happiest?
“During my USA road trip last summer. We went to some magnificent places, such as Joshua Tree, where we went back to basic in a bungalow, the campfire we enjoyed in Yosemite National Park, or the magical pink skies of San Francisco?”

On what occasion do you lie?
“Eh, when people wonder how much I spent on my new Saint Laurent boots?”

If the sky were the limit: where would you be and what would you do?
“If the sky was the limit I would live in a modern desert bungalow somewhere in Palm Springs, or Joshua Tree, making jewelry, fixing houses and live a conscious lifestyle.”

Best business tip(s)?
“Work hard, set goals, but don’t forget to listen to your body, too. Put your work aside when you know it’s enough. Things can wait until tomorrow. And take a long vacation once a year to get inspired again.”

What do you drink after work?
“GT’s, Rum and Margarita’s. I’m obsessed with Margarita’s since our holiday in Santa Monica. We’d love to eat at True Food, an amazing and super healthy restaurant where they made the best Skinny Margarita’s I’ve ever tasted!”

What is true about you today, that will make your 8-year-old self cry, or proud?
“I’d cry knowing that I would lose one the most precious people in my life at age fourteen. My dad. I’d be proud that even though it still hurts, it has made me stronger and has made me understand the true value of life.”

What is your motto? Or what should or could it be?
“Kill them with kindness.”

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