2 March 2016
At Home With: Chapter Friday Photographer Emma (Finally!)

After plenty requests, our beloved Emma DID IT. She photographed her too cute to handle studio in Amsterdam East, where she’s set up home a few months ago. And it’s coming together. Let’s take a guided tour!

Favorite corner?
Emma: “I’d say the dining area, because there you get to experiment with different styles, mixing chairs, or create a cozy nook with a corner sofa. In my case, that is the place where all my ideas come to a plan.”

Where did you get that red chair?!
“It’s vintage, I bought it on Marktplaats, from an awesome Australian couple.”

And the carpet?
“The carpet is by Storebror. Bought it at Sissy Boy.”

How would you describe your interior style?
“Hmm… tough one! I actually don’t like to stick to one specific style, simply because I just love so many different things. But, if I have to name something, I guess I can call it eclectic? Which is specific for its mix in materials, colors, and styles.”

Tell us about the art prints above your bed, where did you get ’em?
“Well, two of them (the two in the back) are actually just (wrapping) papers I bought at a craft store. The pink one is by Hotel Magique, the ‘golden potato man’ is by Cate Adriana (my business bestie). The ‘flying cirque tent’ print is by Laurent Chéhère (I’m loving the dreamy vibe here). Then the big one with the eyes is a print by Olle Eksell – a few years ago I saw it on Pinterest, fell in love with it and had to have one, too.” 

First thing you do when you get home?
“I walk straight to my closet, where I have this special department called chill clothing, full of fluffy socks, leggings, and oversized sweaters (I’m quite the shivery one). After that, I’ll pour myself a glass of wine, put on some relaxing music and clean up the home a bit (no, I don’t like a messy apartment).”

What house from the movies do you love best?
“Eh… I had to google that… But! During my google search I stumbled upon this incredible film location, and though I have absolutely NO clue what movie is filmed here, I WANT (NEED!) IT!”

Where do you love to go when in need of things for the home?
“Jumble sales! Since my parents live close to the Belgium border, I used to go to Antwerp a lot. Also, I like to shop online, I love Etsy and Marktplaats. Now I’m planning a little road trip to Paris with my mum for vintage markets, I’m a real treasure hunter!”

D’you perhaps have a favorite interior architect, blog, or book?
“O yes! Yolanda Vilalta and Helena Jaumá are the designers behind my favorite hotspot in Barcelona, which is called Bananas (already a plus) and is a mix of funky animal prints, vintage treasures, and high-end design. I love checking out this blog called The Socialite Family and could spend hours scrolling trough Airbnb homes from all over the globe.”

What piece of furniture are you saving for at the moment?
“I’m saving for The BIG Balcony Project. I’d only shown you a tiny piece of my balcony (because: not finished yet), but it’s actually quite big and on hot summer days a very welcome extension of my studio! I’m looking for a big disco ball, too, by the way, loving the sparkly light effect when the sun is shining through my window.” (Check)

What’s still missing?
“A cat! I’ve been surrounded by dogs and cats my whole life, and I loved it. I’m a real animal lover and I miss a fluffy cuddle buddy.” I already spotted this adorable cat-tipi and I can’t wait to create the cat area.

Apart from the cat: future house goals?
“Haha, do you have a minute or two? I could talk for hours about future house goals! No, but, focusing on this apartment: since I bought it, I can basically do anything with it. For the walls: I’d like to see them in a light grey tone. As for my bed: I’m thinking about lifting it up, because my ceiling is very high – and so there’ll be more space to create a real living room with a couch and stuff. Enough to do…”

Portraits by: Danielle Siobhan Mol, interior shots by: Emma Peijnenburg

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    […] looks effortless and stylish. How do you make one yourself without ossify into cliches? As our photographer Emma is an absolute #flatlayqueen we thought it would be a great idea if she would share some of her […]

    Love love love!!!! a real inspiration, your little flat.
    as I am just renovating my bedroom, I would be happy if you can tell me where did you get the stool / table next to your bed? it’s so nice

    […] couple of months ago, our fantastic in-house photographer Emma gave us a guided tour through her cute little studio in Amsterdam. With the weather getting better and better, she did some work on her way too cute balcony. […]

    So cute. I love how her place is set up and all the white is beautiful.


    Such a lovely home! So inspiring!!

    xx Alena


    Omg! Thanks to this post I finnallyyy know (after 3 years) which carpet I want. Thank you! Your studio is perfect :)

    Super leuk !!!

    Her place is so chill and chic

    Love her apartment

    Super leuk om jouw plekje te zien Emma! En wat een leuk ingerichte plek. Mooie foto’s zeker die waar jij op staat!!
    Groetjes Karen.


    Wat een ontzettend leuk huisje! Zo lekker licht!
    Ik hoop binnenkort ook woonruimte te vinden in Amsterdam. Hebben jullie toevallig de gouden tip? Met de verschillende fb groepen en kamernet heb ik nog geen geluk gehad. Er reageren zoveel mensen, het lijkt wel of half Nederland een kamer in Amsterdam zoekt ;)

    Mag ik vragen van welk merk de wit/grijze rok is?

    Groet, Inge

    Gaaf zeg! ♥ Je kunt inderdaad super veel met een redelijk kleine ruimte. Well done!

    Love it!

    Love the interior! Wish this was my apartment. :-)

    love the interior :) it looks soooo cosy :)

    x Lilli | http://www.LilliFerreira.com

    You have such a beautiful home! Absolutely in love with the bedroom area (and your striped pants) xx

    Oh Emmaaa, what a lovely house!! You make me want to paint my apartment all white now, and I recently painted it grey ;) Love it a lot!


    Ah, Mariska! Thank you for this lovely comment! Makes me smile! Grey is a nice one, too!



    Love it! Droom stoel en leuke arti!

    Ahw, haar huisje ziet er zo leuk uit! En wat een toffe outfit op de eerste foto!


    Wat een fijn huisje zeg, echt super leuke hoekjes!

    Wat een fijn interieur zeg! Heel leuk gestyled. De foto’s zijn echt prachtig! En stiekem ben ik ook helemaal weg van je outfit op de eerste foto, mag ik vragen van welk merk het is? Alvast bedankt!

    Jules x

    Ha Jules, dank voor je leuke comment! En je mag zeker vragen van welk merk het is!
    Trui komt van Pull&Bear en de broek is van Zara :]

    Team CF

    Superleuk om te lezen! Die rode stoel is echt prachtig:)

    Dankjewel Charlotte!

    Love the red chair!! x


    Us, too! (We’re planning on kidnapping it ;])

    X Team CF

    Wat een super leuk huisje! Love it X

    I love this place. It shows perfectly how you in a small space can fit in a complete living. Well done
    xx A // http://awayandtogether.com

    Hey there Anne! It does, doesn’t it! We’re loving it, too!

    X Team CF

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