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My first two tiny tattoos! And the story behind them

I love decorating my body in subtle, personal ways – how else would I have ammased 12 ear piercings, right? – and knew I wanted to get tattoos ever since I was a young teenager. I could never really commit to one specific design though, but the thought of it was always in the back of my mind. (Remember point 7 on my 2014 bucket list?).

As you’ll probably agree, most things happen when you aren’t looking for them. So when I received a postcard with little clouds, stars and a moon on it, and was touched by the almost childlike style, I knew I wanted to get something in that direction.

A little while later, I decided on a tiny sun and a tiny moon. Simple, unfussy and reduced to the basic outlines. I also knew that I’d want to get them on my ankles or on my wrists, so I could hold them together and create perfect harmony between energy and calmness. I know, I’m a little nuts, but I love things like that!

In short, I’ve always been a daydreamer and a night thinker. These two little tattoos remind me to find balance between light and dark. (And they’re just incredibly cute. Ha!).

PS. This is a quick iPhone photo shortly after getting it, so everything should calm down a little.
PS. PS. It really didn’t hurt much, it was mostly uncomfortable. Most of my piercings were way worse.
PS. PS. PS. Speaking of balance, I am afraid I’ll have to go back for something new soon… This tattoo stuff is totally addictive!

Are you thinking of getting something done, or are tattoos a little too permanent for your liking? Let’s talk more in the comments. I’d love to hear what you want to get!

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    Hey Yara! I’m thinking of getting a dainty tattoo in Amsterdam – is there a studio/artist you’re recommend? The ones you got are looking great :)

    […] 2. My first tattoo (and many more to come) 2016 was the year of my very first tattoo. And ehh. I’ve got three now! Haha! I love decorating my body in subtle, personal ways and it’s quite addicting, to tell you the truth. You can find the story on my first two tattoos right here. […]

    […] te laten tatoeëren, het liefst op mijn voet. Toen kwam ik opeens super toevallig deze foto tegen op Chapter Friday en dit was bijna precies zoals ik mijn tattoo zou willen hebben, alleen dan ingekleurd. Ik vind […]

    I was never sure if I wanted tattoos on my feet (have some on my stomach) as harder to hide but yours are so cute, that I think I might!

    So pretty!


    Echt heel gaaf!
    Waar heb je ze laten zetten als ik vragen mag?


    I’m really into these dainty tattoos, love the meaning behind them too! :) I’m not into bigger tattoos, that size is all I would consider having on my body as well some day :D

    These are the cutest! Im obsessed with space and stars!!

    Oh this is such a coincidence! I want a little moon on my foot, exactly that spot. Now I can see how it’ll be like already! I think I want it completely filled in though, but this looks really nice too! The tiny sun is also really cute. Enjoy your new tattoos!

    Yeees get it get it! :)

    I can really relate to you. I don’t have a tattoo (yet) but there are many I really like, for example yours. But it is so hard to find the perfect one that truly fits to your own personality.
    ♡ Kristina

    I got a tiny little tattoo on my hip and I’ve been wanting to get more smaller tattoos. I love yours! I always thought solar/moon & stars were such gorgeous tattoos. I just never wanted one on my foot because I heard that’s one of the more painful areas, so kudos to you!




    What a cool story behind them!

    Thanks Sasha! :)

    I like them a lot! Also the ankle is a perfect place for tattoos:) I also got one there, together with my boyfriend.

    Jaaaa love it! Ik heb zelf al verschillende kleine tattoo’s, Maar ik heb ook een rondje(zon) met een half rondje(maan) er in. Op mijn wreef <3


    Love them! I have one on my foot and it was my most painful one haha x

    It’s one of the most annoying places but I thought it really wasn’t bad at all!


    Wat een beauties. Bedankt voor het delen van je mooie verhaal achter je tattoos. Ze kunnen inderdaad wel heel verslavend zijn. Ik heb er 1 maar denk wel vaak na over een volgende. Ik heb een voorliefde voor speciale teksten :-)

    Haha ja he! Ben ook al aan het nadenken… Oeps ;)

    Wauw, supermooi Yara! :)

    Ik vind deze twee kleine tattoos prachtig en zou ze zelf ook zo kunnen laten zetten (ookal heb ik nog geen tattoos). Tof!

    Wat zijn deze mini-tattoos geweldig! Zo subtiel maar zo mooi. En ook op een plek waar je ze makkelijk kan verbergen (mocht je dat willen). Daar ga je geen spijt van krijgen! :)

    I actually want really similar tattoos and have been wanting them for a while!

    I’ve had a tattoo down my spine since I was 18. Since it’s in a spot you don’t see that often its actually sometimes surprising to see it! I love having a tattoo, and I love how no one will fully understand how much meaning it has to me. I also love the moon! I want to get a minimalist moon and star also. I find that I am most creative at night when the world is quiet and my mind can wander.

    I’m the same way haha. Let me know when you get it! :)

    Wauww wat zijn ze prachtig! Ik ben echt gek op zulke subtiele, vrouwelijke tattoos. Zelf wil ik ook graag iets kleins, liefst op mijn pols of op mijn rug (zeg maar onder mijn nek / tussen mijn schouderbladen.. Snap je ‘m nog?). Ik weet alleen nog niet precies wat voor design het moet worden.

    Very cute! I love small, dainty tattoos because it seems like something I would give myself. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    These are such lovely and dainty tattoos! I really love the meaning behind them as well. x

    Thank you dear!

    these are so cute! I have always wanted little sentimental tattoos, I was even thinking about a small sun! x, kenz


    Love! I’ve got a pink star on my back (behind the strap) as a memory fo my mom. She loved pink. With a group of girlfriends we are debating about getting the same tattoo; a wineglass or vin in a pretty font. Do love your designs… Simple and clean!

    That is beautiful :)


    Super! En ben heel benieuwd wat je nu op je polsen gaat doen!

    I love these and your reasons behind them. I’ve got a similar moon on my back and love it :) xx

    Chloé Harriets


    Heel mooi! Ik heb op dezelfde plek (aan een kant) een kleine tattoo. Helaas wel echt een plek waar hij ongelofelijk gaat slijten (volgens mijn artist wordt een tattoo op die plek uiteindelijk een vlek) maar ik vind het zo’n gave plek! Zou er zo eentje aan de andere kant laten zetten.

    These are too cute! X


    They look fantastic! I completely understand how you immediately want another! I had mine done almost 5 years ago after a transformative time in my life where I learned to trust myself more and live a life I deserve. After a month of drawing it on myself to get the scale and placement just right (I mean it is forever, right?) I had my petite arrow inked on my side. The harder you pull back an arrow and aim it the truer it’s path. Living my true path with my little reminder! Cheers!

    I have one tattoo, but it took me literally a decade to decide to take the plunge. Now that I have one though, I wouldn’t mind getting more. I was thinking of getting the birth-month flowers for each of my nieces and nephews

    Nice story behind your tiny tattoos! Pumps & Plaatjes tells the personal stories of woman with tattoos. Stories about choices, experiences, dreams and ambition (in dutch). Always searching for more beautiful stories.

    Jaaa, leuk! :)

    I’ve always wanted a tattoo, since I was 16. Now I am a little older and still thinking about the same design but sadly enough many tattoo artists tell me the design is too small for my wrists. I really want to get the outlines of every continent like a map of the world.

    I think Chiara Ferragni has that on her wrist, so I’d say they’re wrong ;) Have a look on pinterest, there are quite a few good examples of that design on that exact place :)

    Woah same name!! I’ve never seen my name spelled that way.. or any one with my name for that matter :)

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