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Shopping: Insta Props For The Home

Want to step up your Instagram game? You, my friend, came to the right place! Here at Chapter Friday HQ we’re having so much fun with this square-ish photolog, we even speak in Instagram tongues – no joke #flatlay. So, if you want some advice, we’re here for you and we’d suggest you to obtain some of the below mentioned Instagram props. To begin with. Then read this interesting piece on why niche accounts work, and this one on how to become awesome on Instagram, then practice your flat lay skills and then drop us a line on how you’re doing.

Let’s kick some Instagram-ass!

1. Ikea fluffy, 2. Etsy flag banner, 3. Ikea banana plant, 4. H&M home napkins, 5. Zuiver sidetable, 6. Sissy Boy pillow, 7. Etsy editing mug, 8. BDB Jewelry dish, 9. H&M home candle, 10. Ban.Do tech stickers

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