PersonalYara's outfits 13 January 2016
Stardust and ocean waves

“You’re a beautiful combination of stardust and ocean waves, you are human and it’s okay to mess up.”

Well, that’s some of the best lines I’ve read this week. I used this sweet and much-welcomed encouragement to calm my brain after feeling a bit overwhelmed. January really isn’t my favourite month; I need to sober up from all of the love and happiness and freedom I’ve experienced around the Holidays and I still don’t understand how my calendar got this full.

A main goal for this new year is figuring out how to get a better grip on time. I just feel like it’s slipping away sometimes, while tasks and questions keep piling up. Perhaps I should say no more often? Get more people involved in team Chapter Friday? Give myself more room to mess up? Feel less guilty if I’m not working and maybe even enjoy the messiness?

Who knows. For now, kicking off this new year in a new mini editorial with what I wore on New Years Day. Emma did a great job once again in capturing this metallic silk slip dress by Zara and a custom made leather biker by Goosecraft.

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