Interior inspo 9 January 2016
Pretty ways to use string lights after the Holidays

The Holidays are over but that doesn’t mean you can’t stretch the coziness that comes with Christmas. A tree might be a bit much, but a decorative string of lights works all year round. To inspire you, we’ve selected the most beautiful bulbs on the web. Not only do they add great charisma to a room, they’re a totally functional source of light too!

A few handy tips to make a string of lights part of your interior.
– Looking for lights online? Search for cotton ball lights or fairy lights to stay away from (often a bit cheesy) Christmas strings.
– Have a look at the (currently discounted!) Christmas section at your local warehouses. If you’re a Dutchie, definitely check out Sissy Boy, Hema or De Bijenkorf for a good selection of lights and garlands.
– Wrap your lights around a clothing rack, a mirror or a wooden ladder to add more shape and dynamic.
– Opt for yellow lights instead of white lights for a softer mood.
– Use washi tape to hang a string on your wall. Or tape tiny lights to your ceiling to emulate a starry night sky.

Let us know if you’re a big fan of little lights as well and how you use your light strings after the Holidays. Shine on!

Inspirational images from Pinterest and Monsters Circus. If you recognize or took any of these photos, please let us know so we can credit the makers!

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