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Career Stories: San Francisco based singer-songwriter Angela Moyra

You might know her angelic face from the first season of the Dutch show De Beste Singer-Songwriter. Since then, Angela Moyra (30) has moved to San Francisco, toured with James Morrison and her songs were added to Starbucks’ curated playlist (artist goals!).

We bumped into this adventurer again on Instagram and read her blog where she shares her travel stories and inspiration. Curious to know more about the life of an upcoming artist, we let her take the Chapter Friday stage.

First up, why did you decide to move to San Francisco?
Angela: “A few years ago, my husband (who is American) told me he wanted to move back to the States. We instantly thought that San Francisco would be the perfect place to start a new life. The quality of life is just so good here because there’s nature all around us. And you get the big city experience, with lots of opportunities. It’s best of both worlds.”

How does the city inspire you?
Angela: “I live in the Outer Sunset, a neighbourhood in SF which kinda feels like a surfer town on the edge of the city. I love the fact that the Pacific is just steps away! The places I live and travel to always have been a big source of inspiration for me. Right now I just can’t get enough of the waves, the Redwoods and all of the magical feelings that come with moving to another country.”

What are your favourite go-to places in town?
Angela: “Surprise… they happen to be in my hood! For breakfast I go to Outerlands – cornbread benedict is YUM, right next door is General Store where you can find the most-Instagrammed-greenhouse in the backyard. My fav place to gaze into the sunset is Sutro Baths.”


Can you recall the moment you fell in love with music?
Angela: “When I found my first job after graduating, I would go home after work and write songs literally till the crack of dawn. Very quickly I became passionate about something I always thought of as a hobby. I guess that was the moment I fell in love. Feeling so inspired, creative and seeing endless opportunities.”

You’ve been on Dutch TV in De Beste Singer-Songwriter, did this help you getting further with your music career?
Angela: “I’m still surprised when people recognise me from the TV show in the Netherlands! I was on the show during the first season so it’s been a while. But yes, it definitely helped me. It was a great time – being on TV, writing a new song every week and having to perform it live. It was a wonderful time.”

What are you working on right now?
Angela: “I’m currently writing my new album, so I’m still in the creative process and letting my imagination run wild. I’m signed to a US record label and together we are preparing for a fall release. Since I’m new in the States, I also spend a lot of time on networking and promoting my music. This year I had my own little tour, I’ve performed at SXSW, which was on my bucket-list for a long time.”

What’s the highlight in your music career so far?
Angela: “Without a doubt – Japan. Early 2015, a record label in Tokyo contacted my manager saying they found one of my videos on YouTube and wanted to release my debut album Fickle Island. I’ve always been super curious about the Japanese music scene, it was like a dream come true.”


Whenever you want to relax, what music do you listen to?
Angela: “I’ve made this playlist on Spotify called Beautiful voices of earth. It’s a bunch of inspiring ladies from all over the world singing in their own languages.”

How important is it to stay true to yourself in the music industry?
Angela: “The whole process, from writing, performing to promoting your music is really personal. So it’s very clear when I’m being forced into making decisions I don’t fully support. I have had people tell me, ‘you should sing louder’ or ‘sing about this topic so we can have a hit’. But I learned to say no at times and to always trust that gut feeling. I now realise that being a storyteller is actually one of my strengths.”

Your piece of advice to CHAPTER FRIDAY readers who dream of a job in the music industry?
Angela: “I would say – simply start doing things. I started with recording my own demo’s on garage band, shooting my own videos and getting an amp and a mic so I could perform anywhere. It didn’t require a lot of money. Just a lot of time, effort and youtube tutorials.”

Follow Angela’s fabulous insta feed to stay updated. Amazing pictures by the talented Sofala Mai.

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