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This Year’s Travel Forecast by Barts Boekje

For those who have not the slightest idea what Barts Boekje is all about, you’re going to lalalalóve it, because: it is THE website to go to if a) you’re in (desperate) need for some new places and hotspots to visit – and aren’t we all, b) you want to heat up your wanderlust – same: don’t we all, c) the weather sucks but you still want to have a fancy dinner, somewhere, d) … we could go on for ages, but don’t you worry, not doing it.

Aaaaand let’s keep on truckin’.

We’ve asked Barts Boekje founder Maartje Diepstraten about her travel forecast for this year. Here’s what’s up.

If you’d ask me the question what country I really, like réally really, want to discover this year, then I’m afraid I won’t have an answer, because: I want to explore EVERY COUNTRY out there. E-ve-ry country. But, not possible, is it? So secondly, if I’d follow my travel hunch, I want to make a long trip. Like, looooooong. And faaaaaaar. A never-to-be-forgotten trip. Some kind of once-in-a-lifetime trip. You know. In that case, I want to go to Australia. Yes, everybody’s been there already, but I haven’t and I want to go, too. But! Cuba and Argentina are flirting with me as well. Having said that: there’s so much fun stuff close-by too. And most of the time we don’t have a clue, which is a shame.

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Is it just me, or did hiking become popular last year? Enfin, I’ve noticed some changes in the wonderful world of traveling. I know plenty people who a) regularly go on holiday alone, even if they have like a steady relationship, b) want to do good and go abroad for some voluntary work (which is, most of the time, something one does for himself, but that’s totally fine of course), or want to do something for themselves (a language course, a yoga-mindfulness getaway, a photography course…), or c) want to go hiking. Yes, hiking.

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CUBA! And since Americans are allowed too (nothing against Americans), we have to make Cuba our top priority – before McDonalds and Starbucks are taking over. So: go, go, go!

Before, we, Dutch people, would go to Zeeland or Maastricht, for, you know, a quick getaway. But they’ve fallen a bit out of favor lately. The Frisian Islands on the contrary are booming. Vlieland is becoming Holland’s Ibiza, and Ameland is getting caught on as well. Rest seekers, who visit the Frisian Islands for ages, aren’t too happy with this trend…

Since KLM recently decided to fly directly to Portland, you’ve no more excuses to NOT go. And since Portland is considered (hereby) the new San Francisco (also a must visit by the way)… It’s not too big and thus lucid, and at every street corner there’s a nice bar or store waiting for you.

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Say what? Yup, for real. Where Detroit once was a bedraggled and rough city with nothing but filthy industrial areas and a húge techno reputation, is the city now evolved to a creative hatchery full of artists from New York who just got sick and tired of Big Apple’s hectic and ridiculous prices. Mark my words: Detroit has a very bright and very populair future ahead. Same same for Chicago. And San Diego for surfer dudes – but perhaps that’s old news already.

Always fun going to Iceland. I just went for the third time and really: it’s getting better every time! And the best part is: there are some very nice budget airlines available: Iceland Air and WOW Air are gold, I tell ya. WOW Air is particularly your go-to discounter for when you’re planning a trip to New York or Portland, but since they allow you to prolong a transfer up to seven days, you’ll have plenty of time exploring Iceland. To kill two birds with one stone, is what we call it.

If you’re into good food and beverage, go to (or stay in, if you’re already there) Holland. It’s all about fish, vegetarian and vegetables here. The new year had barely begun and my inbox was already swamped with announcements of new fish and vegetarian restaurants. I’m really looking forward to Pesca, a ‘fish theatre’ who’s opening its doors in March. And I’m curious for John Dory ‘fishtronomy’, because of chef Arjan Wennekes who once governed super restaurant Visaandeschelde. But fish restaurants are popping up everywhere at the moment: Utrecht has welcomed Sea Salt Saloon and Tilburg will welcome De Visserij.

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My favorite type of transport for ages. You can bring as much suitcases as you wish (hello shoes), and we can take our ludicrously awesome dog Willem with us, too. And since we will be discovering the neighborhood as well in 2016, let’s go to Belgium. Ghent is so much fun! Or go with Deutsche Bahn to Germany. Direction Winterberg, for example. Or: Karlsruhe, Freiburg or Salzburg (okay, that’s Austria).

I <3 Spain! San Sebastian is the cultural capital of Europe this year for good reason. In its wonderfully idyllic city center you’ll stumble over all those brilliant tapas restaurants. Just like in Bilbao by the way. And last but certainly not least: one of the best places I’ve been last year (so you can go there this year) has to be Biarritz.

Have a happy one!

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    So happy to see Detroit on your list! I am here for any recommendations :)

    Wonderfull photos, love it!

    Since when is Bilbao in France? :P
    Cool ideas in the post though :)

    Whoops! Maartje meant Biarritz of course. Thanks for mentioning! :]

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