4 December 2015
This Moroccan inspired rug is so versatile, it’s fits every interior (we bet!)
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Warning! This post will suck you into the big black hole that’s called the online world of interior inspiration.

We’re forever changing our interior styles and with that, a ton of (p)inspiration comes along daily. By now, we have devoted an entire folder to Moroccan inspired Beni Ourain rugs with its contrasting geometric pattern, usually in black or brown (Bree has one too!). There’s something perfectly simplistic about this ivory rug, with its thick, shag style. It’s so neutral and warm that it blends into almost any room. Combine it with pink accents or a lush, leafy plant; it all works.

The traditional tribal weavings are rooted in heritage and how beautiful they may be, they’re usually very pricey. But, investing in a good rug you love can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a well-made replica, Rozenkelim, House Doctor, The Souks and Pink Rug Co on Etsy are worth checking out. Or simply search for ‘tuscan moroccan shag rug’ – but hey, you’ve been warned… Here, we share our inspiration guide on how to mix this rug up!

Pictures via Pinterest, See Love Covet, fashionsquad.com, glamour.com, designspiration.net, ruemag.com

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