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Make use of your holiday by making plans for your business

It’s time to start thinking and planning for the holidays! Next to countless hours of Netflixing, ice skating, city tripping and pizza-eating, it’s also a good time to reflect and make plans for a new, adventurous year. No need to build a whole new business strategy or design a new website – holidaying is also about clearing your head and having some downtime – but this holiday will turn into a learning experience if you take on one or two of these points (even on your laziest days!).

Find inspiration
Nothing as satisfying as Pintesting scrolling. Set up a few new boards and boost your inspiration for a new business card design, your product photography or how to style your desk. We highly recommend these and these.

Set clear goals
What do you want your business to achieve in 2016? Do you want your Facebook audience to triple, do you want to work with a specific brand, or do you want to hire someone by March? Be sure to place your goals somewhere accessible so you can review them on a regular basis and evaluate your progress.

Calculate what you can save on
Not only business-wise, but also on a personal level. Do you go out for lunch too often? See how much money you can save on a small scale. Also look at the bigger picture: make an appointment with your accountant and take a look at your finances in advance to see what.

Go grab a coffee with…
Maybe the Instagrammer you’ve adored since day one can squeeze you in for a meeting. This time of year people generally have more time on their hands, so who knows! Just drop a line.

Clear your computer
Start with your desktop! Cleared? Then schedule time to delete old emails, swap out unsent items, or simply organize your inbox folders. Delete old unopened emails and spam. If you have not opened an email for more than 30 days, chances are you are never going to open it.

Send a thankyou email
Once you’ve cleared your inbox, it’s time to send out some love. So much to be thankful for, now is the moment to let your colleagues and business relations know! Send them a sincere message and let them know you’ve enjoyed working with them. A good chance to wish them a very happy new year.

Research a course you can take
Take a minute to think about what obstacles you’ve been facing in your business over the last year. Who can help you conquer them?

Read a great business book
Settle on the couch and take the time to read. We recommend How To Win Friends and Influence People, The Great British Entrepreneur’s Handbook 2016 and It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be by Paul Arden for a mental boost. Get some ideas to improve the areas where you’re lacking and implement business lessons into your own company. Taking the time to see areas of improvement will help make the new year that much more successful.

Good luck!

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    Love you article ! I like to come here when i’m lacking of motivation and inspiration.

    Nice to have holidays and to be able to spend time with our beloved ones more. This December is not my time for it unfortunately. However, holidays are not always about celebration and party. So, taking time for our personal stuffs could be an idea. And from all the above list, this time I am on saving-mode! Ho ho… How to Win Friends and Influence People is a good recommendation btw! :)

    I love using free time to reset focus on my blog. Thank you for this list! I’ve got my work cut out for me. Happy holidays!!
    xx, Pia

    I rather enjoy time with my family really :)

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