3 December 2015
Magazine of the Month: Suitcase

We have a weak spot for Serena Guen Serena. The founder and Editor-in-Chief of Suitcase magazine was recently named one of 25 under 25 most influential Londoners. The magazine is called the ‘travel bible’ by Topshop and it’s safe to say (*insert London accent*) it’s a brilliant read. Suitcase is a magazine with high-quality photography and fabulous stories. A new edition will hit the shelves this month, with a Tokyo-inspired editorial; sushi combined with fashion. Need we say more?

Three reasons why Suitcase will make your life a bit brighter:

1. It’s clean, classy and sassy
With a Scandinavian vibe, a British accent and an international air, this magazine is for all classy female movers and shakers out there. Articles on exciting new designers, artists, musicians, photographers but layered and often with a deeper meaning. For frequent-quote-users this is true match! “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller. Stunning!

2. It makes you want to explore
Sold in over 30 countries and with inspiring long-reads on traveling, you might feel the urge to pack your suitcase and get going after flipping through the magazine. Inspiring, prize-winning, editorials from India to L.A. and Galapagos to Cornwall. Where to go in December? Suitcase knows the finest spots, where to sleep and what to pack to help keep trips as unique, interesting and cost-effective as possible.

3. This one is for the digital lovers
Next to the paper magazine, Suitcase is available on iPad and they even created an app. Comes in handy whenever in a train, taxi or any other moving vehicle.

Suitcase is written in English and published every month, available online and at your local kiosk.

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    I love SUITCASE, I found out about it while I was working for The Apartment and their content/style is always beautifully written and presented. Definitely my kind of travel and lifestyle magazine. I’ve heard lots of lovely words of praise for Serena and it’s remarkable to see this publication grow in popularity and quality also. Big thumbs up to the SUITCASE team!

    Emma » Paris by Friday

    We totally agree. In a digital age, it’s good to see that a high quality content magazine is still appreciated and that there are loyal (buying) fans out there.

    Ik vind de fotografie héél erg mooi! Liefs

    ziet er heel mooi en stijlvol uit! Ben benieuwd!

    Oeh this magazine looks really pretty. Perfect to use as a coffeetable book:)


    Wauw mooi magazine om lekker in door te bladeren! Mooie foto’s zijn het belangrijkste wat mij betreft!

    O wow! I had no idea that this magazine existed! From the pictures you showed us, it looks so bright, so interesting and so well done!

    I´ll start with the ipad version, and the moment that I´ll get back to EU, I´ll definitely try the paper one!


    Is het ook in NL verkrijgbaar?

    Hoi Chara! Jazeker, bij Athenaeum Amsterdam en winkels als Restored :)

    De foto’s zijn echt mooi! X

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