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Things I learned this year: #1 being (im)perfect online

Whenever a new year approaches, I’m always reminded of all the little (and big) things that have changed and the ways we’ve grown. A long scroll session through my insta account made me realise I’ve changed quite a bit. I’m in the middle of my twenties and I feel like every year is a big lesson.

Today I want to talk about perfection, or rather our craving for some more realness and imperfection, online. Perfection on social media has been a huge topic lately. It’s something the new #ImPerfect campaign (that you could read as I’m perfect or imperfect) by Esprit taps into beautifully. As someone who based a business around creating content, I feel like I have some thoughts to share.

Whether you’re on social media for work or for fun, I think we’ve all at some point felt negative after comparing our day-to-day lives to other peoples carefully crafted feeds. Yup, myself included. (I’ve been stuck behind my desk staring at perfect couples on beach holidays and girls eating avocado toast on a Tuesday and mumbling: Honestly; doesn’t anyone have to work?!)

What I always try to keep in mind when I feel like I can’t keep up with all the awesome stuff everyone else is doing/eating/wearing, is that what you see is a small fraction of someone’s life. It’s literally a few minutes or moments out of an entire day. Oh, and it’s filtered too! Remember that someone’s online feed isn’t a realistic glimpse into his or her life. It’s a highlight reel.

Next to that, I think it’s good to take breaks from being online and spend some more time doing things for you – like switching off your phone and taking a hot bath or calling a friend or going for a walk. (Instead of getting sucked into that black hole of the interweb. Honestly; where does time go when you’re on Instagram?). Make a conscious decision about how much time you want to spend with your eyes off of your own path and on someone else’s.

On a side note, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an avid poster of lattes, Sunday brunch, beauty goodies and #ootd’s. Of course, I’ve also fallen into those same like-guaranteed traps. Then again, those are the things I’m truly enjoying. Coffees with friends, or a fluffy bed on a rainy day, mean that I’m spending quality time with myself. It means that I like the way I’m living my life.

But like many of you, I’m having a bit of perfection fatigue and I am getting tired of feeling pressured by numbers and body/life/friend/relationship goals.

Perhaps we can try being less obsessed with coffee, abs and pink clouds or whatever the next (probably staged) perfect thing is. Let’s try and be more of ourselves and a bit less of what we see on Pinterest. Imperfection and flaws, that’s where the real fun begins. (Yes, that’s a reminder to myself as well).

Wearing: glittery top and awesome wide leg trousers by Esprit

These photos were taken at Pelican Studios, pink walls, pink curtains – this shop/studio is amazing!

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    Thank you so much for this post. I am an extremist so to getaway from social I basically deleted all the apps except bloglovin and Pinterest. The two apps that inspire me instead of comparing my goals with followers

    Leuk artikel!

    Heel goed geschreven en echt iets wat ik mezelf ook wat vaker moet vertellen. In december wil ik een paar dagen helemaal geen social media gebruiken, beetje afkicken, ik denk dat het fijn zal zijn! xx


    Zo goed geschreven! Ik heb helemaal genoeg van het schijnwereldje met al zijn taboes. Ben ook fan van Lizzy vd Ligt die gewoon poseert met een sigaret, er zijn zo weinig bloggers die dat soort dingen durven. Ik hoop dat we een trend gaan krijgen van yolo en weg met de taboes, meer respect voor imperfectie en open kunnen zijn over onze mindere dagen en eigenschappen!

    What an inspiring story Yara. Thanks for these notes.

    Such an important message to share and remember – we’re not all able to keep up the social media life, we are all entitled to breaks and a bit of down time. Go you Yara!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

    Thank you for your words Lauren! :)

    So true — switching off the phone, enjoying a good bath and taking your eyes and mind away from screens is so incredibly important. We can quickly become completely saturated in our online worlds and forget to see everything else around us! Xx

    This is a really lovely post which has such a good message! The photos are so lovely.
    TrudyJohanna x

    Merci babe! These pants are realllly comfy haha.

    wonderful and inspiring article, Yara!

    Heel fijn en inspirerend artikeltje!


    Words to live by! Heel leuk geschreven, blijft hangen! :-)

    Wat goed om te horen Shana, dankjewel! Vind het leuk om zulke topics met jullie te bespreken – volgens mij hebben we hier allemaal mee te maken :)


    This text was so on point and just what I needed to read! Well done Yara!

    Good luck on being a little more chill with how you compare yourself to others on the web! ;) X Y

    Ik doe wel eens een zondag zonder social media, want inderdaad, mijn dag is opeens voorbij als ik Instagram gebruik. Liefs

    Goed idee Claudia, om een specifieke dag of tijd te kiezen om even helemaal offline te gaan :) Haha, grappig is dat he, hoe de tijd opeens voorbij vliegt dan…

    Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed this post.

    Great to hear Desimira!

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