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Swing your way into Monday! Chapter Friday playlist

I’m not a morning person and I’m not a Monday person, so the beginning of the week usually isn’t the easiest. What I try to do, is find ways to get excited and organized at the beginning of the week. To reset, in a way.

One of them is paying extra attention to what I’m wearing, another is getting the day started with my new mindfulness app Buddhify that I’ll tell you more about later.

I think we can all agree on the importance music plays in forming our mood. Although some people find it distracting to work with background noise, I like the subtle distraction or boost of energy that my favourite songs give me. (Sidenote; only when I’m doing more routinous chores, like organizing paperwork or scanning e-mails).

That being said, these are the songs that I can’t stop listening to right now. There’s some Fifth harmony and Angel Olsen to girlboss to, Stay high by Habits always gives me a big energy boost, Body on me is just the steamiest song of the moment. Hopefully there’s something in there for you too and I’d love to hear your new song or artist discoveries in the comments. Have a swinging start of your week!

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    great list! You should make a spotify list, very handy ;)


    I too am obsessed with Rita Ora’s Body on me :)
    You should listen to Adele’s “Hello”, it’s very addictive.
    Greetings from Spain.

    Ik ben normaal niet zo een Justin Bieber fan maar What do you mean maakt me steeds vrolijk. De Diplo remix is nog beter dan de gewone versie.

    Ik moest ook even aan ‘m wennen maar hij maakt zulke goede nummers haha! Where are you now is ook een topper ;)

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